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I'm not a writer, nor am I trying to become one. I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others in a constructive way, so you could call this a blog.
I'm an offline and online gamer. The games I play right now are Second Life, Eudemons, Florensia and LOTRO. I may try World of Warcraft someday, or Final Fantasy Chains of Promethia. My myspace is a collection of my gaming screenshots and creations. I build custom fantasy items in SL (Second Life) for LOTR fans and fans of any medieva/fantasy genre. If you would like a free "Hobbitat" and are a SL resident, please IM siMondfoXX umarov in the game or email me through this website. Either way I would say my favorite charcters in games are Orcs or Dark Lords, since I generally identify with their struggle against good. I try and keep an open mind about things and I believe that all that glitters isn't necessarily gold.
My favorite groups are The Clash, Radiohead and the Killers.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I don't take my work here too seriously, so I hope you don't as well.
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