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Hey guys! Well where to start? As it says, my real name is Rachel and I'm from the island of Ireland or as I like to call it as do others, the Emerald Isle :) Now, I'm not sure whether or not I should put my age up here but I will say that I am over the age of fourteen but under the age of eighteen so I'm sorry if my stories seem a bit... juvenile. hahaha I hope to really develop more as a writer with the help from this site as well as the reviews and comments I get on said stories that I hope to write ^_^

I'm just a tad insane with a hint of madness thrown in there so beware! My stories could be strange as well! I really want to be an author when I leave school so for that I hope to get enough points to study English and Classics in Trinity College.
I have been reading and writing since I was very young, I finished the entire Mr. Men and Little Mrs. books when I was four. I was quite proud of myself but c'mon! I was four! Ha-Ha! The first story I ever wrote was called "A Cat Called Cat" it was quite a strange story now that I look back on it - it was about a cat (obviously) called Cat who comes to live at a farm. The story is about how frustrating it is that no one can grasp the fact that her name is Cat, e.g. "I know you are a cat. What is your name?" etc. I wrote that story when I was seven and treasure it still! From there I turned to fantasy and adventure and when I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was eleven I was addicted to elves, magic, dragons and the works! I love writing about dragons, strange as it may seem, but ah well, I love them so... :D

I am obsessed with wolves and have always wanted to go to areas in America etc. to see them run free, not locked up in cages. So you can guess - I love animals with a passion and if I could have any power at all besides immortality it would be the ability to speak to animals! Ha-Ha weird I know but its the truth - not going to lie!

Anyway, sorry for babbling on about myself! I really hope you enjoy my fanfiction! I'm really excited to finally being able to write them and I hope they can rise to the outstanding standard here!

Best Wishes,

Rachel, AKA DragonSpirit ^_^
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