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I am twenty one years and a drama student. Being new to Fanfiction I have no clue what to write about. I hardly like slash fanfictions, If I do start writing fanfiction ill stick to everything Tolkien wrote. If I do NOT I would probabily write some with Erestor, Lindir, Figwit, or Glorfindel. Thank you. I will be adding more soon and hopefully I will add stories or poems. I also Roleplay Celeborn and Erestor.

Sometimes I will break my rule and go by the movies, just so you to know I am NOT the world's best writer and able to paint images in people's heads. So please excuse how I write my stories so on and so on. About uploading...

To upload or add another story or add another chapter I would like to have at least 2 or 1 reviews on a chapter or just 1 for the whole story. Look at me...sounding bossy.
I will some how add AU stories from a Girl or a Guy being telaported to middle-earth somehow.

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