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My sister was really confused by the times and ages, so I thought I'd post a simple timeline here. I'll add more to it as I add more stories. I know Aragorn doesn't die till quite abit later, but then that would spoil the whole series so I'll ignor that little detail.

Here is the timeline:

1419- Queen Arwen and King Elessar of Gondor are married
1424- Eladrion, Crown Prince of Gondor is born
1425- Elfwine, Crown Prince of Rohan is born
1428- Twaell, Princess of Gondor is born
1428- Leothin, Prince of Rohan is born
1430- Theodred, Prince of Rohan is born
1431- Estel and Adren, Princes of Gondor are born
1433- Aratriel, Princess of Gondor is born
1448- King Elessar passes away, Eladrion is crowned King, Queen Arwen leaves Gondor for Lorien, Aratriel returns to Rohan as a guest of the royal family
1450- Aratriel accepts Theodred’s proposal
1451- Aratriel and Theodred’s wedding
1453- Orc attack, Aratriel loses all memory of the past six years

I hope that helps a little.
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