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Well...I'm a fan of most of JRR Tolkien's works, especially "The Silmarillion" and of course "The Lord of the Rings." And, of course, I love writing...

One thing about the movies disappointed me, and that was the absence of my favourite character from the books, Glorfindel. I mean, I guess he was replaced in Battle at the Ford by Arwen to give her a stronger role in the movies...but still, why leave him out completely?

Heh...I happen to like 3 Elves in particular: Feanor (who i sympathize with...he wasn't REALLY that bad...), Glorfindel (the Balrog slayer/Elf of Imladris...) and Elrond (I think he was portrayed well in the movies...stern and wise...)

Heh...well, that's all about me, I guess...
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