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You pass through a deep forest, pausing every now and then to push some of the verdant fauna out of your path. Eventually you stumble upon a wooden door and push it open to find yourself...

"Well, actually... That's a lie. I live in the city now. But it'd be nice to live in a forest, no? Or even have a nice veggie patch outside...

"Hello! My name is Oozaru Angel, a girl who is from the sticks but now lives in the city and misses trees a lot. However, I'll deal. Mother has promised me that the new house will have a garden.

"I love Tolkien. I think most people who have read his work do. I'm particulary fond of the Valar and if anyone can find any good stories about them and can be bothered informing me of them, please do so! I also love reading fanfiction as well as writing it. However, I am a lazy person and often don't write. But I shall try. I've been bitten by a bug that cries out for Melkor/Nienna shipiness. Even if canon demands it ends in sadness I just can't resist for some reason. Shame there's only about four fanfics with that pairing.

"I am primarily an artist. I love to draw. Sometimes my friends make requests. But, again, I am a lazy person and when i do get in the mood to draw it's very rare that it's what they wanted me to draw. I enjoy doing fanart, but prefer to draw my own characters. You can do so much more.

"If I ever get around to writing something, please give me constructive criticism. Most my fanfic atempts have been in the anime fandoms and I have a tendency to go OOC. So please tell me if I do here. It would be terrible if the PPC had to investigate into one of their own agents."
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