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I am 15 years old
I love LOTR. I began writing fanfiction for LOTR at the age of 11.

My favorite LOTR characters are: Elrond, the twins, Glorindel, Haldir, Erestor, Aragorn, and of course Legolas.

I like to play piano, guitar, and sing. I act in my spare time and for competitions. I enjoy writing and I can't go anywhere without a book, pen, and paper.

I have Auburn hair, and eyes that change from different shades of brown and green depending on my mood. Who needs mood rings?

My favorite sites would be my mostly loved RP-sites. (Charmed) (Mystic School) (Haunted)

The above site belongs to me, and my 2 friends. The stories posted are not yet completed but its a site dedicated to our beloved chronicles.

I do not write slash or read slash stories. Please do not ask me to write or read them.

I am a Christian, I love God, and I have been saved for 7 years. I have been struck with an illness and I can not post as regularly as I should and for that I apologize.

I always put warnings on my stories, none are rated over PG-13. I accept Challenges, and love to hear from people. Drop me an email or IM me.

Remember, your imagination is the best thing you have. God bless.

You can reach me at any of the AIM and YIM adresses below as well as::

I accept Challenges at the email and Myspace above or via IM.

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