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Hi! I'm eomerbear! I'm an Aussie and I have loved the Lord of the Rings since I was eight years old. I currently made a record and got 10 years worth of LotR loving this year.

I know, that the middle one isn't a picture of Eomer but it's Joel Egdeton, an Aussie actor in the movie 'King Arther'...... I love him....

I have seen both theatrical and extended movies WAY too many times, and read the books thrice. I write fanfics because of the freedom it gives.

I HORRIBLY SUCK AT SLASH! Don't ask me to write slash, you'll end up vomiting and asking me to delete it......

My favourite character is obviously Eomer! Oh, schools up again, so I'll try keep up with stories!

Should I put out another story???


Oh, and thanks to for the picture and these websites for elvish;

I like to listen to Radio Rivendell;
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Summary: This is the story of Aranel Erulisse, a young naive elf princess who is thrown into a world unlike the one she has known for millenias. This is the story of how she overcame obstacles, learnt what it means to be an elf and how to heal her heart against love and death.
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Summary: With this series this would bring tears to your eyes, a sore bum and a cramped stomach!! Put your own top 10 on the series!!
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