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Hi! I just turned 25. I'm from Malaysia and i live on a tiny island called Penang. I am a final year med student and a full time daughter to my father and mother.

I started reading the Lord of the Rings when i was 14, never quite finished it. I reread the books again when the movies came out. By far, the LOTR trilogy is my favourite movie trilogy of all time.

My passion for writing started when i was 13 when i first entered a public speaking contest where i had to write my own piece. Ever since then, i have written poetries and short stories. I really dabbled in 'serious' writing about a year back when i was dared by a friend to write something about Harry Potter.

My favourite line from the movie is, "Don't leave me Mr. Frodo. Don't go where i can't follow..."

Me on LOTR Fan

I joined not too long ago. I stumbled upon this site when i was searching for graphics on LOTR since i myself make graphics on If you are curious, here is my account : My Deviantart Page

The first story i stumbled on to was West Wind Over Edoras and i fell in love with it! I love the tenderness between Legolas and Rowannen and the romance, OMG!

The second story i followed was by my review buddy, L8Bleumr, What Path We Take. It was beautifully written and it gave me a new found love for Faramir. I am also very grateful to have met Moe, since we encourage each other's writing by reviewing each chapter. I think she is a far better writer than i am and i have been privileged to learn from her. Her second story is Guardian of the Light and coincidentally we are writing about the same elf, Haldir. But i am happy to report, although our taste in elves are the same, our stories are so far apart it even allowed us to enjoy each other's stories.

I have read other stories and i do try to leave a review when i can. I am a bit... scared of slash. i don't write them but i do read them. I love the story by Melusine, If It Takes Forever. I am also enjoying Cuil Eden. Some stuff, i still need getting use to but some slash are beautifully written.

There are a few others but i can't remember them. I don't usually favourite stories but i do review when i read them.

Some of the people i will mention here :

Regalaria : thank you for being my first reviewer and following my stories. I really appreciate it!

L8Bleumr : thank you for being my review buddy and saying all the kind words to me. you have taught me a lot just by reading your stories and i look forward to more of your work.

Haldirsbaby : brandy is a fellow haldir lover and craiger! She writes really cute and romantic stories about Haldir and Craig Parker. Keep up the good work!

Me and writing on LOTR Fan

I have completed my first long story, His Eyes. A real person fic about Orlando Bloom. Although the story is still raw and rough around the edges, i enjoyed writing it and i am very proud of it. I have a few other one shot fics, that have been revised to correct errors and such.

I like to think, i can come up with reasonable and agreeable plots. I like details, because as reader, i love it when writers give me something to imagine, to see with my own eyes. I try to use a lot of different words, trying..note...trying to come at least close to Tolkien era... not Tolkien himself, but around his time... I am not worthy lol. I have a problem with tenses... and my writing in the middle of the night doesn't help. I don't have a beta since i write fast and i don't want to dump a lot of work to him/her.

So, if you have an open mind, don't mind a bit of mistakes here and there and can understand between typos, then i welcome you to sample some of my stories here. I appreciate reviews. It helps me write and at least i know who is it reading my story.

I look forward to hearing from you guys, be it from old and faithful readers or new and eager readers.


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