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okay people. these bios down there *looks down pit* are freaking ancient!
they were from when i was 12 and 13 years old.
when i spent my whole summer sitting in front of my computer
in the dark
reading fanfiction
that is over now. lmfao.
i sounded so stupid and retarded, i dont like those kind of people i used to be.
well i still love Legolas and Haldir and Elrond
and holy crap i just love them all!

Hi!! um.... yeah thats all O_O ok.... i dont have anything to say ...... hi :D
() ()
(u u)>
O O a bunny :) i know its freaky sometimes i get hyper!! -_- it's fun.... anyway i don't know where im going with this and if your asking me if i like any of the Lotr characters because im not writing anything about them is yes yes i do love those elves those elvies welvies um.. sorry for that i love loving lovable loving Legolas and he's MINE ALL MINE!! step away !! he's MINE!!...and so is Haldir *sigh* my elves MUAHAHAHAHA :) my precioussss.....

that was soo long ago..
i'm crrrraaazzzyyy about them. I also love the hobbits...XD i am a Mary Sue hater (always will be)
and i love those short!
and those stories where girls fall into middle earth but they like or hate LOTR and they are really annoying and CrAzY!!
I was meaning to write one...but eh...i'm human...
never gonna happen...=D
I also love these peoples stories :
Alatariel Narmolanya, Alatarie, Sivan, Princess Kalen...and a bunch more!!
you rock my socks!!
I love you people!!
in a friendly way...
i also am gifted with a perverted mind...
say something and i take it wrong..
and i have many other people, mannyyyy others!!
i am also inspired by these people too :
Spongebob, Phillsberry Dough Boy, and Play-Doh
they are so AWESOME!
i love to make new friends so please IM me anytime..
i'd be happy to hear from you xD
people usually give a brief description of themselves so i'm gonna too..
I'm 13 years old with dirty blonde hair upto my shoulder blades, my eyes are green but also somewhat grey... never can tell, kinda yellowish near the pupil, anyway well....
thats all i'm telling you!!
i love Haldir since I gave Princess Kalen Legolas...
i have 3 pets...
Bob- my evil fluffy plot bunny
Bob- my evil spitting llama
Bob- my cute but evil farting Mirkwood spider

i havent been n this site for almost a year
but then my obsessive disorder for Legolas and Haldir and almost anything that moves in that move has returned
so i'm back
you dit ditty

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