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The holidays are over, school's back on, and that means not a whole heap of time to write - and perhaps finish - my current work of art, 'Lost and Alone', and write some more of my own story. But until I am finished, you'll just have to wait. When I am finished, I might put up a website - who knows, and currently, who cares?

Okay, Me:

I am under twenty and I live in good old Australia, Melbourne. No, I do not have a Steve Irwin accent. I am an animal lover though, and have one fish - he had friends once, not that he can remember them . . . - and three cats, named Bear, the sooky la-la boy, Kitten, the grumpy grandmother, and Cleo, the stupid kitten.

I am currently writing my own stories, and I like them a lot. When I get my own website or get them published I'll tell you more about it. Oh, and my violin tacher got married 30th Sep. YEA!!! Also my best friend is Lira_of_Imladris - she's awesome, seriously, you should go read her work!

The holidays are over. It's time to bring out the tissues and weep! Nah, not yet. Guess what - I have finally updated Lost and Alone! Stupid maths - I shall bring an end to it some day.
But not yet.

Update: 19th October - I have deleted, 'She who Completes Me', because I find it as a very personal story and I only wanted my friend to read it - its a letter between companions and I felt a bit discouaraged letting everyone else read something alike a personal diary entry. I'm sorry if you liked it.

Oh, and P.S., If you like reading stories here at the best place to write LOTR FF, then join, and don't hesitate! I would love to hear all of your reviews and read all of your stories!

*Update: 6:54, Thursday, 20th of December '07.*

I forgot to say, my 'hit' I believe I would call it, is a huge 208 page story, in size 18 Times New Roman. Just thought I'd let you know!
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