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I love reading LOTR fanfiction, especially stories with elven characters that did not have a leading role in Tolkien's trilogy, such as Haldir and Glorfindel. The lack of details about their lives and personalities gives us, fanfiction writers, a great liberty when creating their environment and their adventures.

The Prophecy is my first fanfiction. Haldir, the Lothlorien Marchwarden, is at the center of an old prophecy describing the release of elven heroes from the Halls of Mandos. Only its accomplishment will convince the elves to stop sailing to the Undying Lands to stay in Middle Earth to fight alongside Men and finally defeat Sauron. But the mother-to-be was not born in Middle Earth, and is not even an elleth...

The Nazgul Slayer is my second story. I particularly like Elleniel, a strong female character. Elleniel, Elladan and Elrohir were separated at a young age. Elleniel was taken by the Istar wizards and brought to Valinor to be trained to destroy the Nazguls. Centuries later, now a powerful witch-warrior, she is back in Middle Earth to accomplish her mission. Will she manage to eliminate the Ringwraiths, conquer Glorfindel's heart and forgive her father Elrond?

I hope you like reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Thank you for taking the time to review my stories and let me know your opinion on my work!

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