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Sulaid everyone! I been writing since I was five years old. I STILL suck. I saw the movies before reading the books. I read the Hobbit because its the only book of J.R.R Tolkien in my school. Im reading the others online for FREE >.>"... Please dont hate me! Merciful Faelwen is my RP original character on she's the Sister of Celeborn... Blah blah... I OWE NOTHING except ideas and OCs. I try Humor and some slash if I can find a good pairing.. Also im always on mobile so GIVE ME TIME to update..buggers.
.or add stories.....

I have taken a liking to my Original Character Natasa so I found a picture that should be her. If people are wondering how she looks like. Heres your answer:

pillars of the earth Pictures, Images and Photos

And of Course I am now staring as an extra in "the Hobbit" ill be logged in all though I wont be updating or reviewing until im done with the scenes I am in.


Well the Hobbit is going great! We're almost done. Sorry for not updating or adding. I might add a new story with DJ SiSeN appearing in middle earth and Frodo or Ewoyn falling in love with his weirdness. DJ SiSeN is gay in rl so it might be Frodo or someone else.


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