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Summary: The title says it all!
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Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Reviewer: Ranger Signed
Lol... Legolas' is funny... Heh you are not being nice to my friend... :) Try doing one with Sauron... only don't stress the eyedrops lol. Too many people do... it gets boring reading about eyedrops. :) Please update soon, I like these!
Date: Nov 25 2006
Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Ranger Signed
Lol... I like Frodo's best so far... nice creativity good job.
Date: Nov 25 2006
Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Reviewer: Ranger Signed
lol... :) nice work.
Date: Nov 25 2006
Summary: There are many diehard Tolkien fans that complain that either Peter Jackson's films destroyed their cherished images of Middle Earth or didn't capture the spirit of Middle Earth. My answer? It could have been a thousand times worse.
Categories: Movie-verse Characters: Arwen, Bilbo, Bill the Pony, Denethor, Elrond, Eomer, Eowyn, Faramir, Galadriel, Gollum, Gríma, Nazgûl, Orcs/Uruk-Hai, Original Character, Other Canon Character, Sauron, The Fellowship, Théoden, Witch King
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Title: Chapter 1: The Power of Friendship Reviewer: Ranger Signed
Wow... love the sarcasm there. :) I can really imagine this being a disney movie... but they can't have little kids crying over boromir can they? Or telling their parents they are good but corrupted by da media? Lol excellent work... can't wait to read more. :)
Date: Nov 25 2006
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Title: None Reviewer: Ranger Signed
Very well written, I can relate completely. I have friends but my best one just went off the wrong path. Trying to help her back is difficult. :) I love this... I'm adding it to my favorites. Great job.

I should write in school more...:)


Author's Response: I am really...honoured that you would add this to your favourites, because I wrote it in school and never really saw much in it. But thank you very much indeed everyone for proving me wrong!
Date: Nov 24 2006
Summary: Four cousins find out that it is during the times of struggle we learn how important the bonds of family and friendship really are.
Categories: Movie-verse Characters: The Fellowship
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance
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Title: Chapter 1: 1 Reviewer: Ranger Signed would be cool if it was someone for the fellowship. But from the summary I wouldn't guess so... Can't wait, please update soon!

Author's Response: I\'m already working out ideas for the chapters. thanks for the review. and about the fellowship\'ll have to wait and see.
Date: Nov 25 2006
Title: Chapter 2: 2 Reviewer: Ranger Signed
Yay... since you are eternally grateful... hmm... clean my room! bwah ha ha...

Just kidding. :) Nice chapter, I'm glad Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf are here... can't wait 'til you update!

Author's Response: I\'ll update today probably. thanks for the review
Date: Nov 26 2006
Summary: Ewalynn Mist is a 17- years old girl from London. Her mother loved The Lord of the Rings trilogy as she was young, and that way Ewalynn is very intrested in the books. When she grows up to a teenager, she becomes a real Tolkien-fan and wants to know everything about him. So she visits his house. Ant not legally. She breaks into his house where he used to live. She thinks it's just a bit of intresting, and fun, until she finds something truly shocking. Tolkien didn't create Middle Earth. Middle Earth exists.

Tolkien travelled to different ages of Middle Earth, talked to people and took writings, and most importently; There and back again by Bilbo baggins and The Lord of the Rings, by Frodo Baggins. There it begins. Ewalynn travels into the middle of everything; and meets Frodo. How does the story change as she is there?
Categories: Movie-verse Characters: The Fellowship
Genres: Action/Adventure
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Title: Chapter 1: Prologue; background of Ewalynn Mist // NOT READY Reviewer: Ranger Signed
I need more... in order to be hooked to this story. I have a feeling I will like it, but I have learned from experience that FIRST CHAPTER MUST BE LONG!!! Try to make them at least 1500 words.

I will beta you if you like, I don't know if you making spelling and grammar mistakes a lot, the piece is fairly small to judge.

Please update or contact me, I'm thirteen as well. I am anxious to read more and see how this unfolds, maybe try editing it so others will think so too. This is not meant to be an insult, just trying to help. :) Good luck!
Date: Dec 08 2006