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This is the continuing saga of a 36 year old female soldier who finds herself in Middle Earth during The Return of the King. This is part three of a series which will follow the plot of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. She is not a tenth walker and the events as written by Professor Tolkien will not be rewritten to accommodate her. Her part in the story and her interactions with the main characters will occur in places and times that Tolkien did not include in his writings.

I claim ownership of none of J.R.R. Tolkien's original plot or characters; however, Elaura and her story Typically Atypical are Copyrighted © 2006.

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Title: Chapter 70: Fangs and Friendship Reviewer: elfenears Signed
got home from college and another chapter of brilliance waiting for me, just the cure for spending the last two hours on a farm in the freezing cold rounding up sheep. i love widget more and more in every chapter, i know a bird just like him very friendly and cute, i also know a parrot that asks you if you want a grape but thats just strange lol. thanks for writing and i hope you are enjoying writing this as much as i am reading it which is alot !

Author's Response: *blush* Widget is a lot of fun, just the comic relief they need. You on the other hand, need a llama! Alpacas are good sheep herders. I understand the parrot, he\'s been offered grapes so much he probably thinks that\'s how you say \'hello\'! Thanks for the compliment and the review!
Date: Nov 08 2007
Title: Chapter 71: Monster Feet! Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another great chapter, lovely interactions between the characters espicially thranduil and the others. it was sweet with pelincrist taking his adar's pillow when he was out on patrol, i admit i used to do the same when my dad was away working for a year, it made it more real and made me abit teary aww.
washing in a mumaks foot interesting, i dont know if i would or not eww
thanks for writing and keep up the brilliant work
abi x

Author's Response: Thank you. Apparently elephant feet are still used as buckets in countries where the locals are permitted to use elephant products, as when the herds are culled or the animal dies naturally. It is something my mother told me she saw on Animal Planet. It makes sense, but it would take some convincing, even for me. Luckily, the Valar are very convincing.

\r\nThanks for the review!

Date: Nov 10 2007
Title: Chapter 72: Darth Widget: Sith Lord Reviewer: elfenears Signed
excellent chapter
the dead orcs were on sale here too lol,
i loved darth wiget he kicks crow butt. thanks for writing update again soon

Author's Response: Dead orcs are always on sale after Halloween. On the other hand, it\'s still June in the story. Hope you like the next chapter! Thanks for the review!
Date: Nov 13 2007
Title: Chapter 73: Rescue! Reviewer: elfenears Signed
just got around to reading this, wonderful and much appreciated. now i will go read the next chapter, thanks for writing so often

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. Hope you like the next one too. Thanks for the review!
Date: Nov 18 2007
Title: Chapter 74: And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Reviewer: elfenears Signed
this chapter was brilliant thanks. the feathers and radagast's painting made me laugh so much though its lovely he is so proud of his wife. how do you write so quickly and keep it so good, i want your secret lol. iwant to see the twins and maglors reaction when they are told of all they have missed livid probably.
keep up the good work

Author's Response: The secret is no secret; I\'m completely insane. I\'ll have to keel Maglor\'s reaction in mind. I half expect him to show up unannounced. I hope you enjoy the next chapter, it closes some loops and opens a few more. Thanks for the review!
Date: Nov 18 2007
Title: Chapter 75: The Proclamation Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another chapter thank you, this was wondeful and very enjoyable. i like the new character of Ghasaan sounds very interesting, and taenion is back i've missed him lots.
what a guest list, kings lords, saviours of middle earth, the party will be very crowded but i should think they will manage. cannot wait for the next chapter update again soon.

Author's Response: How about two new chapters? You\'re absolutely right, with all those guests it is a little crowded, so much so that it wouldn\'t all fit into one chapter. It didn\'t even all fit into two chapters, but I haven\'t got the third one written yet. Put on your party hat and grab your noisemakers, I think you\'re going to have fun. Thanks for the review!
Date: Nov 26 2007
Title: Chapter 77: The Party pt. II Reviewer: elfenears Signed
both of these chapters were wonderful, i loved reading them. the best bits were the ring bear grrr and aragorn trying to foist the pinwheel off on faramir, those bits really got my imagination going. i loved seeing legolas and thranduil so happy, i think the twins would have loved the party imagine what they would have thought up.
thanks for writing and update soon it continues to be the best story i've ever read bar the orignal trilogy

Author's Response: I think Elladan and Elrohir would have had a ball! I thought I was going to be disappointed when I posted both chapters at the same time, because I knew you guys would review them both at once, but now I\'m glad I did it. As a reader, it would have sucked to have to wait for the second half of the party and as the author, I\'m glad to get the reaction to the whole thing at once.

\r\nThank you very much for the great compliment. I hope you enjoy the next chapter as much. Thanks for the feedback!

Date: Dec 01 2007
Title: Chapter 78: Hello, Goodbye Reviewer: elfenears Signed
wow maglor is back, he is one of my favourite characters, well the way yours is anyway. what an entrance surrouded by elven guards.
the wedding was so sweet and descriptive keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you. Hope you like the memorial as much as the wedding. \r\nThanks for the review!
Date: Dec 05 2007
Title: Chapter 79: The Memorial Reviewer: elfenears Signed
sad, and happy chapter all in one.its nice that they all honoured boromir and denethor as most people think of them as bad people even though they did a lot of good in their lives. i'm glad maglor is back in this, he seems to understand elaura and legolas better than most, i bet he is fun to write?
thanks alot for writing and update soon please

Author's Response: Interesting that you should mention that. It comes up again in the next chapter. I wonder where everyone else is? I hope noone was caught in that awful ice storm! Thanks for the review, hope you enjoy the next chapter!
Date: Dec 09 2007
Title: Chapter 80: Dínenthór’s Surgery Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter, dinethor may be able to speak soon wooo, i cant wait to read when he speaks to his lady love that would be lovely. he has a scary mother, i liked her, poor elaura was quite worried for a moment there.
legolas not being able to sleep aww i want to hug him lol, with all the elves sleeping around i'm sure he will be better. getting help from maglor i wish i could when i cant't sleep.
thanks for writing update again soon

Author's Response: Yes, it\'s quite comforting having them all in my head. They keep the Balrogs at bay, even at work. Dinenthor is going to sound like Mickey Mouse on helium for a while. Thanks for the review!
Date: Dec 12 2007
Title: Chapter 100: Elaura’s Long Night Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter i really enjoyed reading this one. spooky place that the birds almost went to, i'm sure it will have a big part in the future?
when i said the twins i meant elrohir and elladan because i love how you have written them.
i love how elaura talks to gandalf in this and helps him figure some stuff out, its hard when youve been needed for so long and then suddenly not anymore.
i would show you pictures from the weta thing but no cameras were allowed, plus the lotr stuff was in a dark room with lots of glass so they probably would have come out all reflections of the people in there lol. take a look a
there it shows some of the stuff that is being shown. the dude that actually made the swords peter lyon is going to be talking soon so i'm off to that lol.
thanks for writing and making my day a little brighter, i'm off to read the next chapter x

Author's Response: Wow, I have really let things get away from me. Lots of things, but mainly fighting with this slow dial-up connection. Also, as I just posted on my accounts page, my proofreaders took a holliday. I'm getting things back together now and should have a few chapters to post by the end of the weekend. I checked out that website, they have some neat stuff! Take care and thanks for reading and reviewing. I promise I didn't leave everyone hanging intentionally.
Date: Jul 23 2008
Title: Chapter 101: Léodred, Elfwyn, Dúngar, and Hilda Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another wonderful chapter, loving all the back story with eowyn and dernwine, its lovely to think she wasent all alone dealing with grima. i love how you have the character even in hilde the dog, she is a adorable little extra to add to the story and reminds me very much of one of my dogs we had when we were younger, too much love to give and not enough time :) nice trick of maglor there with calming her, maybe he could add that to his title maglor son of feanor master dog trainer hah.
i'm glad that windfola got a mention, i hope we find out what happens to him in the future some time?
thanks for writing and i hope the characters dont wear you out too much. x

Author's Response: I swear I remember answering these reviews. I must have dreamed it. Yes, I like the idea such a sweet young lady wasn't all alone. Maglor, Dog Whisperer. I'm sure we'll run into Windfola again. Life is wearing me out, the characters (usually) calm me down. Unfortunately, they haven't wanted me to stop to do anything but eat and shower. Sleep is apparently optional. I'll be posting soon. Again, I apologize for the lengthy break and not answering my reviews in a more timely manner. Thanks for writing.
Date: Jul 23 2008
Title: Chapter 81: June 13th, 3019 Reviewer: elfenears Signed
wow a really good chapter and the image of thranduil and maglor cooking dinner tickled me, probably because i have to cook for many this christmas and i imagined them doing that.
another chapter to read so off i go, thanks for writing.

Author's Response: Just wait, it gets better. Ever want to see an Elf play? How about mud wrestling? Thanks for the review, hope you enjoy the next chapter.
Date: Dec 20 2007
Title: Chapter 82: Striking fear into the hearts of people can be fun. Reviewer: elfenears Signed
that was really good, the dead body coming animate and scaring the traitors very cool. i think i would run a mile aswell if i saw that. i read that out to my sister and she said you could almost convert her to reading fanfic which is high praise.
have you heard the news, peter jackson is too produce the two hobbit films which i was hoping for, because he did such a good job of the three lotr ones. what do you think of this?
better go, one more project to hand in blah ecology.
merry christmas if you dont update before then
thanks for writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you. TWO Hobbit films? Amazing. I\'m looking forward to seeing that. With my nod to Halloween in the last chapter, I followed it up with a mention of Christmas. Of course, now I have to figure out how to explain Christmas to the Middle Earth crowd. Also, The Hobbit (animated version) gets a mention; I think you probably put that in my head somehow. I\'m going to try and get one more chapter in before Christmas. Thanks for the feedback!
Date: Dec 20 2007
Title: Chapter 83: Almost Eight Reviewer: elfenears Signed
what a great chapter, real fun to read. deffinatly right to have before xmas lol.
legolas, aragorn, thranduil and mud how more right can you get hehe, unless you added the twins Am i right in thinking its the end of june in this chapter coz i get confised with the dates?
thanks for writing and keep up the wonderful work.
have a great christmas and god bless

Author's Response: Sorry I didn\'t get it posted before Christmas. I meant to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but I got into a writing frenzy and it\'s taken a day or two to sort it all out. Hope you like the next THREE chapters! Thanks for the review!

\r\nYes it is nearing the end of June. Aragorn will be going off with Gandalf to find the sapling of the White Tree this coming week.

Date: Dec 23 2007
Title: Chapter 84: Santa Claus and Super-spies Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter as always, started off lighthearted and now some mystery. liked the little quote from the genie and the jack sparrow mention.
thanks for writing off to read the other two x

Author's Response: Oh, have I ever been busy! Sorry it\'s been so long. I\'m in a new class and I type at a computer all day, so I don\'t feel much like doing it when I get home. The characters are getting insistent, though! Hope you enjoy the three I just posted. I love Captain Jack, too. Thanks for the review!
Date: Dec 29 2007
Title: Chapter 86: Sunday, Bloody Sunday Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another great chapter. i feel sorry for tavor and his mother but they are most likely better off without the father. will we find out who's behind it all or is that fro later?
the bit about vampires made me laugh, i admit i am one of those, i have a thing for dracula which my parents dont like but hey, the uruks with wings is not a nice thought though.
thak s for writing you seem to have put of effort and work into theses chapters and they are wonderful. go widget super messenger lol keep up the great work x

Author's Response: Thanks! I can\'t wait for Widget and his friends to get back. I guess the reality of vampires is never as nice as our fantasies. The spy-ring issue will undoubtedly continue unanswered for a while. Thanks for the review!
Date: Dec 29 2007
Title: Chapter 87: Homecoming Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter and i'm glad you are back after the break. i love all the little details about general life that you put in even mixed in with all the bigger story plots. i cannot imagine maglor being shocked by a romance novel but maybe being imprisoned for so long lol. thanks for writing and keep up the brilliant work, off to read the others now.
Date: Jan 13 2008
Title: Chapter 96: Twenty-four, twenty-four hours to go; I wanna be sedated! * Reviewer: elfenears Signed
amazing writing in this chapter even though it just deals with one event, you show so much detail and thought about the characters. i'm glad you are posting again, i t must be hard to write when so much change has happened. i'm trying to start my career off and thats scary enough never mind changing after a time. thanks for writing and i'm off to read the next one x

Author's Response: Thanks! Yep, it hasn't been easy, but I'm getting back into the swing of things. My reserve unit finally contacted me and I'm not looking forward to in-processing . . . again! Luckily it's just two days a month. Good luck in your career endeavours; if there's anything I can do to help, send me an email. Take care, and thanks for reviewing.
Date: Jun 29 2008
Title: Chapter 90: Educating Elaura Reviewer: elfenears Signed
really great to read this again, i'm glad you're back. very interesting chapter and great detail again. still love the relationships between elaura and the others. poor marroc, i hope his boots recover.
thanks for writing and keep up the good work

Author's Response: Sometimes I wonder who Elaura ISN\'t going to end up vomiting on. I\'m still busy, but at least I\'ve stilled myself enough to hear the voices from Middle Earth again. I\'ll do my best to post more often in the future. Thanks for sticking with me and reviewing.
Date: Feb 07 2008
Title: Chapter 91: Grand Opening Reviewer: elfenears Signed
wonderful chapter, its always great to have an improptu get together. the men of rohan deserve lots of fun.
all the little details and the picture of the symbol were great and i was laughing really hard at the thing between thranduil, legolas and elaura
great work keep it up thanks alot xx

Author's Response: I\'m ba-ack! Hope you\'re still out there. I truly enjoyed re-reading the whole story, although some of the old typos really got under my skin. I\'m glad you enjoyed this chapter, I hope you like the new one. I promise I\'ll update very soon. Thanks for reviewing!
Date: Feb 16 2008
Title: Chapter 112: Paradise Interrupted Reviewer: elfenears Signed
hannon le for this chapter. it started of great with the breakfast then poor hilda, ive seen this problem in big dogs and its not nice at all, glad you made her all better.
i love how you write the girls getting together in this, you make them have fun while still retaining elveness.
cannot wait to see more of the contest, do we get to see more ellyn hotness, can you have elrond and celeborn fight it out - that i'd like to see.
thanks for writing and updating this x

Author's Response: Ohh, I don't think I covered anything between Elrond and Celeborn . . . maybe I'll write a little vignette just for you, since you're such a loyal reader. Your reviews are great too, they give me wonderful ideas.

Believe me, keeping the Ladies in character when they're drinking is a challenge, I appreciate you letting me know I'm on the right track.

I felt bad putting Hilda though all that, but she needed some face time . . . or rather muzzle time. I really can't imagine what the orderlies must have thought, seeing their king wiping a dog's rear.

Thanks for the review, keep on reading!
Date: Jan 12 2009
Title: Chapter 92: Trials and Celebrations Reviewer: elfenears Signed
i'm so glad your'e back and posting again. if this chapters anything to go by the hiatus did you good. it was lovely what they all did for gertrude, she was so like many of us at that age, the weapons of mass exfoliation comment made me chuckle lots . great detail and good balance of seriousness and humour.
i did read the whole first book of Typically atypical while you were gone just to try and fill the time, i also defected and went and read some harry potter fanfic so i'm glad youre back to get me back into middle earth.
thanks for writing and i hope you update again soon x

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m about two-thirds finished with the next chapter, but I\'ve gotten off onto another track. It takes place about 40 years into Elaura\'s future. I\'m not sure I want to post it yet, because I haven\'t broken it down into chapters and there are spoilers concerning the current story-line. Please let me know if it is something you\'d like to read or if I should hold back until I finish this book. \r\nThanks for the feedback and for being patient with me.
Date: Apr 16 2008
Title: Chapter 93: The Istari Outdo Themselves . . . Again. Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter and i'm glad your posting again. i always used to imagine the horses were alive when i was on a roundabout so i liked that bit. maglor finally laughed woo. as always your writing is really interesting and detailed and i always squee when i see youve updated :)

in your response you asked about posting the storyline thats ahead of this time. of course its your choice but maybe do this book at least up too the birth of the babies because i'd like to read that before i read about them older.
anyway i'm off to read the next bit so thanks for writng and keep it up xx

Author's Response: I'm hanging my head in shame, here, both for not posting in so long and for not answering my reviewers. I've explained it a little in my bio, but I can't claim it's a very good excuse. Thanks so much for the review and I've decided to go with your suggestion about not posting the later storyline yet. Please let me know if you ever want it and I will be happy to send it along. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!
Date: May 25 2008
Title: Chapter 94: T-minus 7 days and Counting. Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another good chapter, it would be funny if maglor did take to calling elaura goofy one. is there elvish for that hehe. keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thanks. The closest I could find in Sindarin was norn which really means 'crabbed' or 'twisted' and I don't think that's what he was going for. Hope you enjoy the next two. We're getting very close to moving along, now. Stay with me and thank you for the feedback!
Date: May 25 2008