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This is the continuing saga of a 36 year old female soldier who finds herself in Middle Earth during The Return of the King. This is part three of a series which will follow the plot of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. She is not a tenth walker and the events as written by Professor Tolkien will not be rewritten to accommodate her. Her part in the story and her interactions with the main characters will occur in places and times that Tolkien did not include in his writings.

I claim ownership of none of J.R.R. Tolkien's original plot or characters; however, Elaura and her story Typically Atypical are Copyrighted © 2006.

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Title: Chapter 91: Grand Opening Reviewer: elfenears Signed
wonderful chapter, its always great to have an improptu get together. the men of rohan deserve lots of fun.
all the little details and the picture of the symbol were great and i was laughing really hard at the thing between thranduil, legolas and elaura
great work keep it up thanks alot xx

Author's Response: I\'m ba-ack! Hope you\'re still out there. I truly enjoyed re-reading the whole story, although some of the old typos really got under my skin. I\'m glad you enjoyed this chapter, I hope you like the new one. I promise I\'ll update very soon. Thanks for reviewing!
Date: Feb 16 2008
Title: Chapter 112: Paradise Interrupted Reviewer: elfenears Signed
hannon le for this chapter. it started of great with the breakfast then poor hilda, ive seen this problem in big dogs and its not nice at all, glad you made her all better.
i love how you write the girls getting together in this, you make them have fun while still retaining elveness.
cannot wait to see more of the contest, do we get to see more ellyn hotness, can you have elrond and celeborn fight it out - that i'd like to see.
thanks for writing and updating this x

Author's Response: Ohh, I don't think I covered anything between Elrond and Celeborn . . . maybe I'll write a little vignette just for you, since you're such a loyal reader. Your reviews are great too, they give me wonderful ideas.

Believe me, keeping the Ladies in character when they're drinking is a challenge, I appreciate you letting me know I'm on the right track.

I felt bad putting Hilda though all that, but she needed some face time . . . or rather muzzle time. I really can't imagine what the orderlies must have thought, seeing their king wiping a dog's rear.

Thanks for the review, keep on reading!
Date: Jan 12 2009
Title: Chapter 92: Trials and Celebrations Reviewer: elfenears Signed
i'm so glad your'e back and posting again. if this chapters anything to go by the hiatus did you good. it was lovely what they all did for gertrude, she was so like many of us at that age, the weapons of mass exfoliation comment made me chuckle lots . great detail and good balance of seriousness and humour.
i did read the whole first book of Typically atypical while you were gone just to try and fill the time, i also defected and went and read some harry potter fanfic so i'm glad youre back to get me back into middle earth.
thanks for writing and i hope you update again soon x

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m about two-thirds finished with the next chapter, but I\'ve gotten off onto another track. It takes place about 40 years into Elaura\'s future. I\'m not sure I want to post it yet, because I haven\'t broken it down into chapters and there are spoilers concerning the current story-line. Please let me know if it is something you\'d like to read or if I should hold back until I finish this book. \r\nThanks for the feedback and for being patient with me.
Date: Apr 16 2008
Title: Chapter 93: The Istari Outdo Themselves . . . Again. Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter and i'm glad your posting again. i always used to imagine the horses were alive when i was on a roundabout so i liked that bit. maglor finally laughed woo. as always your writing is really interesting and detailed and i always squee when i see youve updated :)

in your response you asked about posting the storyline thats ahead of this time. of course its your choice but maybe do this book at least up too the birth of the babies because i'd like to read that before i read about them older.
anyway i'm off to read the next bit so thanks for writng and keep it up xx

Author's Response: I'm hanging my head in shame, here, both for not posting in so long and for not answering my reviewers. I've explained it a little in my bio, but I can't claim it's a very good excuse. Thanks so much for the review and I've decided to go with your suggestion about not posting the later storyline yet. Please let me know if you ever want it and I will be happy to send it along. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!
Date: May 25 2008
Title: Chapter 94: T-minus 7 days and Counting. Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another good chapter, it would be funny if maglor did take to calling elaura goofy one. is there elvish for that hehe. keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thanks. The closest I could find in Sindarin was norn which really means 'crabbed' or 'twisted' and I don't think that's what he was going for. Hope you enjoy the next two. We're getting very close to moving along, now. Stay with me and thank you for the feedback!
Date: May 25 2008
Title: Chapter 95: T-minus 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . Reviewer: elfenears Signed
brilliant another chapter and it gets better. i would love to be a fly on the wall at the spring too but maybe thats a bit wrong.
really interesting chapter, some changes for elaura and good descriptions of everyones feelings and thoughts especially maglor who i have come to love in your story. can i have him please lol
anyway keep up the good work and update soon

Author's Response: How about I loan Maglor out to you? He's stayed in my mind and he plays a big part in that future storyline I mentioned. He'll be a big part in Legolas and Elaura's lives for a long time, I think. We do get a glimpse of the bachelor party and that surprised me when it happened. I hope you like it. Take care and thanks for the review!
Date: May 29 2008
Title: Chapter 97: The Witching Hour Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another great chapter and i loved the description of the spring party, poor aragorn couldnt even stand straight. lots of lovely interactions in this chapter and i like getting to know elaura's fairy godmother a bit better. i feel for the guys in the carriage, i've never had a hangover myself but i've been around lots who have, not pleasant.
i'll wait in excitement for the next update (hopefully soon hehe) all the best xx

Author's Response: Yes, they needed to cut loose and I for one needed to see what happens when the guys do! I like Hithocelu very much and I'm gladd he came out of the greenroom to introduce himself to the story. You are fortunate; I don't recommend ever having one if you can avoid it. Hope you like Chapter 98; lots going on in the next few and I need to get back to writing. Happy Independence Day and thanks for the feedback!
Date: Jun 29 2008
Title: Chapter 99: A Wedding Feast Fit for a King Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another great chapter, i love the conversation between the three ladies, middle earth should be worried if they wernt so nice (most of the time)
read this after coming back from the weta exhibition that has coem to leeds, wandered round for hours looking at all the lord of the rings armour and swords, my dad had to drag me away from the elven warrior case lol. then i got back and read your chapter so all in all a very good day.
loved the meanings of the names and your little story within the story about heriant, he seems such a dear little elfling. al round a great chapter with lovely descriptions and detailed writing.
will we be seeing some more of the twins next chapter, i've missed them. anyway thanks for writing and updating and looking forward to reading some more soon xx

Author's Response: Just wait! It won't be long before there's four and the guys will believe it's the Apocalypse! Ah, which twins? Elladan and Elrohir or Telperion and Laurelin? They'll be along, all four of them. Look for them in chapter 102. BTW, I know it might look like I've got this story under control, but if you read the chapter notes on the next two, you'll see I'm being led around by the characters. I feel like I'm the one on the leash. I'm trying to rein them in and get to the wedding, but they hardly let me break long enough to post. I've got the first sentence of 102 written, so I'm hoping they don't sidetrack me again. Thanks for the feedback. If you have any pics from the exhibit, I'd love to see them!
Date: Jul 12 2008
Title: Chapter 98: Aragorn’s Reward Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter again with some wonderful descriptions of the relationships between the individuals. the meeting between the elves and elaura was just as good as i had hoped and it was lovely with the joke between elrond and her. the people of nurn are very interesting and i shall look forward to hearing more about them if there is more. great timing of the chapter again, i shall take it as a birthday present lol. its funny the chapter we see arwen again is the day i recieved her sword as a present, i also got a book on the languages of tolkien which should be interesting. anyway thanks for the update, i shall be waiting eagerly for the next one. keep up the brilliant work and be very proud of your story, it remains one of the best i have read. xx abi

Author's Response: Thank you! Happy Birthday! That's a neat present; I'd have a collection of LotR stuff if I had anywhere to put it. I hope you enjoy the new chapter, it feels like things are gearing up again, but the characters aren't letting me in on the secret yet. Take care and thanks for the support and feedback; it really makes my day!
Date: Jul 05 2008
Title: Chapter 111: Blinded by the Light * Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great chapter, glad you didnt have eowyn get injured or die, she is one of the best characters especially the way you write her. i like how you have everyone react differently and eowyn learn from her fights as well as the untried soldiers.
poor elaura blinded by the daz whiteness of gandalfs mind, made up for it with the end bit there, thaks for writing

Author's Response: Thank you! I suppose if a glance at Sauron's mind could make Pip catatonic, a look into Gandalf's couldn't go unpunished either. I did used to put on a blindfold when I was little, just to see if I could get around. Never tried it with romance, though.

I appreciate your feedback about Eowyn, too. In my mind, all of the Ladies of Middle Earth got short changed by Tolkien in the character development department. I thought you knew me better than that, though. I would never ruin Aragorn and Arwen's wedding festival!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing. I'll have a few more up soon.
Date: Jan 12 2009
Title: Chapter 102: The Wedding Reviewer: elfenears Signed
i think i will just about forgive you as that was such a wonderful chapter. a mixture of ceremony, and of course the good old girly talk.
i think you're story improves every time i read it and this has made my day, anyway off to read the other chapters. thank you so much for updating x

Author's Response: Thank you! There I was, writing along on chapter 105 and then I looked down and saw the thing was 146 pages. 75, 000 words! I broke it down into chapters 105-109, but I have a lot of proofing to do now. I'm going on a two week trip, but I'll bring my laptop and work on it while I'm gone. I will do my best to get them upas soon as possible. I'm glad you liked this chapter and as always, thank you for taking the time to review.
Date: Oct 02 2008
Title: Chapter 103: Ever wonder where the phrase ‘Drunk as a Lord’ came from? Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another briliant chapter, i nearly fell of my chair laughing with the bit about aragorn and macavity, flying lessons indeed. wonderful descriptions of the interactions between the characters and a drunk maglor even better than normal. thanks again and i'll go and read the next one :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Four drunk Elf Lords in the basement is my idea of a party! We'll get Macavity's point of view in a subsequent chapter. Thank you for the feedback. More to come.
Date: Oct 02 2008
Title: Chapter 104: Monday, Monday * Reviewer: elfenears Signed
a brilliant chapter, starting of with the lovey hand over and salute and then the suprise of the rigged carriage. i had thought it was leading up to something but didnt suspect the carriage journey thats so normal and mentioned all the time.
the ladies tea party was amazing, i would loved to have been there and then the second part was all CSI style and really well written. thanks for writing and i'll be waiting hopefully for the rest of the mystery and the answer to the deadly sweets killer. all the best x

Author's Response: 'Deadly Sweets Killer' I like that. If the printing business was up and running, that would be the headline. As you might have noticed, I'm a bit of a crime-story buff. I added some references to the end of 104, just in case you'd like to know more. Did you really get the foreshadowing? I was afraid it would be a little to subtle. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. The next few chapters will have more surprises I think. Thanks for the review!
Date: Oct 03 2008
Title: Chapter 105: Nurn Reviewer: elfenears Signed
Jumps around like gollum with the ring seeing your updates, well not quite but i as very glad indeed. sorry to read you have been unwell and i hope and pray you will be fully recovered soon.
loved the chapter and all the mind play, really interesting to see the different types of mind going, i like the image of the honeycomb of aragorns mind. hmmm i wonder what gimli's would be like or thranduil's?. i loved the descriptions of widgits reaction to gwaihir so many little details that make this a delight to read. i've said it before and you're probably bored of my reviews but i love your story and it makes my day to read your work. off to read the next one, thanks for writing x

Author's Response: It's always something! Thanks for the well-wishes, my back is still a little twingy now and then, but, strangely enough, not having a computer for a little while seems to have helped. I'm going to start setting a timer and get up to move around more often.

I'm so glad ti hear you are still enjoying the story and the details. Believe me, I never get bored with reviews. While I was waiting to hear if my files were lost, I would read them and re-read them on my mom's computer. I didn't want to answer any reviews until I knew one way or the other . . . I guess you can see it all turned out well. I need to get back to proofing! Take care and thanks again!

Date: Dec 01 2008
Title: Chapter 106: Revelations Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another great chapter loving all the conversations between the characters especially with the rivendell elves and the hobbits. you have given each and every one of the smaller characters a piece in the stpryline not just as background. ive never read a story where i feel such affection for additional people such as dinethor, edwen, and rawnel, even the animals. anyway keep up the good work :-)

Author's Response: It helps to have my folks asking me 'where's so and so? we haven't heard from him/her in a while.' Thanks for the review, there's more to come. If you want to know why it's been so long (this time) have a look at my bio. All is well now, though. Hope you had a lovely holiday season!
Date: Dec 01 2008
Title: Chapter 107: Landscaping with Legolas Reviewer: elfenears Signed
a wonderful chapter, i loved the scene with macavity and elaura's new name, poor aragorn i think he will have to bow to this prince if he wants peace with arwen. keep up the good work and thanks for writing x

Author's Response: Especially if he wants to keep his dangly bits. Macavity is a busy little bee and modeled after several cats I have known and two that have claimed my family and me as their staff currently. Thanks for taking the time to review. Hope you like the coming chapters!
Date: Dec 02 2008
Title: Chapter 108: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted Reviewer: elfenears Signed
once again a wonderful chapter, cannot wait to see the tournament and how it draws out the killer. i like how you have the wise ones competing, i like to imagine them having fun especially celeborn and elrond. loving all these updates, waiting in anticipation for the next one, cannot wait to see the wizards duel x

Author's Response: Thank you! I think you'll enjoy chapter 109. ;) The Wizards' duel is still a chapter or two away. Lots to keep you interested in between though (I hope). Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Date: Dec 02 2008
Title: Chapter 119: Storytime Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another great chapter, i love the use of shrek as a fairytale to share with the others, but now you have the "welcome to duloc" song in my head and i shall have to find an equally annoying tune to displace it :)
i like the way you blend humour in with more serious topics and how you have elaura slowly adjusting to giving up her role as a knight as her preganancy continues.

from a few of your replies i've got the idea that the birth of the twins will be different, i hope you dont let elaura and legolas miss out on some elements of it

keep up the good work xx

Author's Response: I actually had to look up the plot for Shrek before I wrote that. My memory had mashed the three movies into one and it was a surprise to find Farquaad did not live in Far, Far, Away, as I had originally thought. And then there was Prince Charming, who didn't even show up in the first picture. Next time you get a song stuck in your head, try the "Mnah, Mnah" song from Sesame Street; it works for me every time. Just don't go for "The song that never ends" That one is more annoying than "Henry the Eighth" by Herman's Hermits. (hope you have them all in your head now ~weg~)

Not to worry, nobody will miss out on any of the fun stuff, but that's all I'll say, otherwise I might ruin it. Thanks for the review. I wonder where Aelfwine has been hiding lately?
Date: Mar 28 2009
Title: Chapter 118: Midges, coming through, Party of Millions Reviewer: elfenears Signed
Glad to see more chapters from you elaura, they always make my day. the oh sussanna bit made me laugh, me and my friends are always making up silly lyrics in church and sometimes have to go out of the hall because we are laughing so much.

i always love the way you write the interactions of the ladies in this, it kinda makes me feel as though i'm there and listening to their advice, only a few writers have managed to do that so be proud :)

awww poor guys bitten by the midges, though some of them still showing their stubborn sides by not asking for help or taking aules water. i fell into a patch of nettles while camping once and that was bad enough, so i feel for them as it was all over their bodies.
i'm off to read the next chapter, thanks for writing x

Author's Response: I meant to annotate that too, but I forgot. I'll have to go back and do it today. I know it's been a while, but as I said in the chapter notes for 123, I have to be careful about posting while the site is undergoing changes.

I appreciate the encouragement, especially about the ladies. Interestingly enough, I learn from them, too. Hopefully, Elaura's mother will have some more sage advice when the time comes. Hope you enjoy the three chapters I just posted! Thanks for reading and reviewing!
Date: Mar 26 2009
Title: Chapter 113: The Wizards’ Duel Reviewer: elfenears Signed
Such detailed desription of the surgery, it always plays out like the camera on a CSI autopsy where they go through the bodies but much more involved as the patients are not dead yet lol. i like the little mention of namo in this chapter and how elaura reacted to the energy drain, good thing gandalf intervened before she hugged every citizen of gondor. the battle was good, much fluffier than i had imagined before i read it. though gandalf was going to be lynched by elaura's family when he used the pregant warrior thing against her.
thanks for updating, hope you are well, i'll go read the next chapter x

Author's Response: Thank you! As I've said before, the story writes itself. I know some folks might have been hoping the Wizards' duel would be more exciting, but I expect there will be enough opportunities for the magic feathers to fly in the future. Personally, I'm hoping Elaura doesn't have too many more opportunities to ply her craft in surgery, though as you'll find in Chapter 115, that is unlikely. ;)

Funny about the pregnant warrior thing, I think Elaura is finally coming to understand she shouldn't take things at face value in Middle Earth; now it's time for everyone else to get with the program.

As always, thank you for taking time to review and thanks for reading. I've posted 115 and I'm proofing 116 now. Take care!
Date: Feb 09 2009
Title: Chapter 115: Feastus Interruptus Reviewer: elfenears Signed
Great chapter, interesting dream of amlug for us to ponder. love the interactions between the elves and elaura especailly the family side with thranduil.
poor aragorn, elaura and thranduil for suffering as they do, i drink enough milk for all of them in a day.
cannot wait for more, thanks for wriiting. x
did you get my myspace message about my artwork?

Author's Response: Oh shoot! I haven't been on myspace in some time. I'm checking it out now. I'll answer you there.

Good to hear you drink your milk! Personally, I'm not as bad as Elaura; I can drink milk straight, but if I add sugar to my cereal or eat more than a little icecream, I do get pretty sick.

Thanks for the review, chapter 116 is up and now I'm proofing 117. Enjoy!
Date: Feb 11 2009
Title: Chapter 116: Departure of a Hero Reviewer: elfenears Signed
Brilliant chapter again, something about this story makes you absolutly believe while reading it, i get swept up when reading about all the magic stuff and while it could sound so wrong, you do a wonderful job of it.
mant partings indeed in this chapter, i love hallas now but cannot wait to see how you write the funeral and especially mirkwood. keep up the great work x

Author's Response: Thanks! I do try to keep things as down to earth as possible, but I would imagine, in a world so permeated with magic, if there were any time in Middle Earth's history that the Valar could be free with their blessings, this would be it. Theoden certainly deserved it.

I'll have to hit the books again and re-familiarize myself with how Tolkien wrote the last chapters of Return of the King. I'm still debating whether to end Book 3 before or after the Scouring of the Shire (as Elaura won't be there). However, Elaura's tale won't end there by a long shot.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

P.S. we had a bad storm here this week and I'm having a little trouble accessing myspace and deviantart consistently. I will check them out again before the end of the week.
Date: Feb 11 2009
Title: Chapter 117: A Gift for the Drúedain Reviewer: elfenears Signed
Another great chapter, i'm glad you put in the druedain and the valar's gift for them. i always found them fascinating when i read the books, they have a feel as if they could stilll be out there deep in forests waiting.
grrrr to saruman still mucking about in things, when he should be concerned about his closest companion.
Were the bandits actual canibals or was that just to scare them, if it was they have sunk low.
thanks for writing, i'm looking forward to chapter 118 and no worries about myspace and deviant art, they are sometimes problematic with my computer and we have broadband. x

Author's Response: Ooh! Shoot, I haven't even thought about your art. Another book in the series got in my head and I've been writing on that one. It takes place about forty years after the War of the Ring and has many of the same characters and some new ones. They wouldn't get out on my head.

Yes, the bandits were really going to eat them and Saruman isn't out of Elaura's hair yet.

I believe the Druedain are still out there and since they're just across the river from North Ithilien, we'll probably be seeing them again.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, I'll have chapters 118, 119, and 120 up in the next 24 hours. One thing is for certain, I won't just leave you wondering. It's in my will that my other books be posted if anything ever happens to me. 8-) You will get the end of the story, I promise!
Date: Feb 15 2009
Title: Chapter 122: Elaura’s Trip gets Trippy Reviewer: elfenears Signed
loved this chapter, but when do i not love any chapter of this story :) wasent expecting the twist of having elaura forget legolas. all the elves were really worried and she was quite happy wandering around in the middle even witha big hole in her memories.
off to read chapter 123, thanks for writing xx

Author's Response: That concept didn't start out so good. I argued with my mother about how severe it should be. Originally it was to be a bit more dark and sinister, so I'm glad you like how it turned out. Thanks for the review! I'm off to answer the next one! :)
Date: Apr 24 2009
Title: Chapter 121: Man may work from sun to sun, but Wizard’s work is never done.* Reviewer: elfenears Signed
a great chapter, lots of goodbyes and explanations. i loved how you put the old lady who helped elaura way back, it was so sweet and yet sad how she still believed her son to be writing too her. love the chapter title as well, i've found when writing that titles can be the hardest thing to think of lol x off to read the other chapters, thanks for writing x

Author's Response: No kidding! I'll sometimes go through twenty titles until I find one that fits. I'm glad you liked the part with the old woman. I had originally thought she might be Yavanna in disguise, but all kindness doesn't have to be one of the Valar. The story, after all, is not about them. I'm really sorry for taking SO FREAKING LONG to respond and post. I feel like I should be flogged, but the alternative, unfortunately, is forcing it. As a writer, yourself, I'm sure you know you can't force it. When you try, it turns out rotten. Thanks again for reading and reviewing. It's people like you that keep me from chucking the whole project when I have writer's block.
Date: Apr 23 2009