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This is the continuing saga of a 36 year old female soldier who finds herself in Middle Earth during The Return of the King. This is part three of a series which will follow the plot of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. She is not a tenth walker and the events as written by Professor Tolkien will not be rewritten to accommodate her. Her part in the story and her interactions with the main characters will occur in places and times that Tolkien did not include in his writings.

I claim ownership of none of J.R.R. Tolkien's original plot or characters; however, Elaura and her story Typically Atypical are Copyrighted © 2006.

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Title: Chapter 1: The Mysteries of the Bloodstone Reviewer: elfenears Signed
great please keep updating i'm addicted

Author's Response: Are you reading all three at once or do you just read that fast? Either way, I\'m impressed! I\'m almost done with Chapter 5. Thanks for the review!
Date: 11/29/06
Title: Chapter 5: Confessions in a Most Unlikely Place Reviewer: elfenears Signed
really good chapter
can't wait for the next

Author's Response: Thank you! I let my day job get in the way sometimes, but I\'ve gotten into a rhythm. I hope it sticks for a while. Thanks for the feedback!
Date: 12/04/06
Title: Chapter 7: Dawn of the Dead Reviewer: elfenears Signed
awww twins

really good chapter

Author's Response: Let\'s hope they manage to get from here to there in one piece. All bets are off, now. Thanks for the feedback.
Date: 12/13/06
Title: Chapter 6: Rabbit Food! Reviewer: elfenears Signed
really good chapter again !!!
i have now read lots of fanfiction as i read really fast and can say yours is one of the best ive read keep it up

Author's Response: You read VERY fast. Thank you for the compliment and the reviews. They really help me keep my motivation.
Date: 12/10/06
Title: Chapter 8: Islare Reviewer: elfenears Signed
i feel so sorry for the baby and the girl but well done to elaura for delivering
good chapter most definatly addicted xx

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I have the feeling Islare will have a good life, how could she not with Legolas as a benefactor? Glad you\'re enjoying it. I\'ll try to get the next chapter up this weekend.
Date: 12/19/06
Title: Chapter 9: Finding Námo Reviewer: elfenears Signed
that was weird but good chapter
the ending was really nice, i love that she can call all of them her friends
update soon
xxx abi
merry xmas

Author's Response: Thank you and Merry Christmas to you! I hope it was \"good\" weird. Thank you for the feedback.
Date: 12/23/06
Title: Chapter 10: The Longest Day Reviewer: elfenears Signed
awww such a nice ending to that chapter , she gets to see him again in valinor

made my day lol

you have updated fast keep it up elfenears

merry xmas

Author's Response: And here I was worried this chapter would not be appropriate holiday reading! Glad you liked it. This one took a lot out of me, but I\'ll try to get another chapter out soon.

Merry Christmas!

Date: 12/24/06
Title: Chapter 11: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"* Reviewer: elfenears Signed
fantastic chapter now elf and wife so nice

keep it up

have a good new year

Author's Response: Not exactly a traditional royal wedding, though. Glad you liked it. Happy New Year!

Thanks for the review.

Date: 12/29/06
Title: Chapter 12: Nightmares & Dreamscapes* Reviewer: elfenears Signed
that was cool elaura kicks ass in dream world too
nice chapter keep it up

Author's Response: If only she could get that flying thing down. Anyone can overcome their dreams as long as they know it\'s a dream. Thanks for the review!
Date: 12/31/06
Title: Chapter 13: The Fortunate Stowaway Reviewer: elfenears Signed
nice chapter
will farin have any more in this story i like his character

Author's Response: You aren\'t the only one who likes him. I hadn\'t planned on keeping him around, but he\'s so popular.

Thanks for the feedback!

Date: 01/02/07
Title: Chapter 14: Life Lessons Reviewer: elfenears Signed
another great chapter
is the ability to enter dreams part of the bloodstone's gift?
keep up the great work xx

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m still not sure what the Bloodstone does. It enhances Elaura\'s natural abilities, which is a really good thing physically since she wasn\'t in great shape when she came to Middle Earth. On the other hand, if it enhances her maternal instincts and her people skills, there\'s no telling what kind of mind-games she\'ll get twisted up in.

Thanks for the feedback!

Date: 01/07/07
Title: Chapter 15: The Winds of War* Reviewer: elfenears Signed
so cool chapter

your right about heart of ice lol

keep it up

will you continue after the war with legolas and her having a life together?


Author's Response: For a bunch of old guys they sure don\'t know much about women! I\'m glad you liked it.

Yes, I\'m sure there will be more after the war is over, lots more if what is bouncing around in my brain is any indication.

Thanks for the review!

Date: 01/10/07
Title: Chapter 16: Time For Another Good Idea/Bad Idea * Reviewer: elfenears Signed
i like the idea of elaura being bait
you said sam has 10 children i thought it was 13 but i may be wrong
keep it up can't wait for the final battle part

Author's Response: You\'re absolutely right! I\'ll have to fix that right away. Thank you! Thanks for reviewing, I\'m looking forward to the battle too!
Date: 01/14/07
Title: Chapter 17: "Sanity is madness put to good uses." – George Santayana Reviewer: elfenears Signed
i could never do that act nasty but its a very good idea can't wait for the black gate part

Author's Response: It reminds me of a child star who played the mean girl on Little House on the Prairie. She said for years people would come up to her on the street and tell her what a horrible little girl she was. People who knew her just told her it was because she was such a good actress. What surprises me is that the natives are good actors as well. Even Gimli!

Thanks for the review, I\'m looking forward to the Black Gate as well.

Date: 01/15/07
Title: Chapter 17: "Sanity is madness put to good uses." – George Santayana Reviewer: elfenears Signed
sorry about that rubbish review
i've been ill and couldnt think what to write, but this chapter was really good, i like how you let it fade leave it too our imagination *grin* please update soon make me feel better lol

Author's Response: It wasn\'t rubbish! I appreciate all reviews, even if it just says \"hi!\"

I\'m sorry you\'re sick. I\'ll get more up and send a little Bloodstone energy your way!

Thanks for the review.

Date: 01/18/07
Title: Chapter 46: Namárië! Navaer! Don’t Forget to Write! Reviewer: elfenears Signed
really great chapter
thank you for updating so quickly keep it up, i love reading your work

Author's Response: Thanks! As I said in the previous response, I\'m only trying to think of a title for chapter 47. I\'m drawing a blank on chapter 48, though. Must be something new around the bend.

Thanks for the review!

Date: 06/26/07
Title: Chapter 18: To the Edge of Night Reviewer: elfenears Signed
nice chapter
ooo i like the eyes idea
keep on writing your story is brilliant and also distracts me from college assignments thank you lol

Author's Response: Thank you. Everyone needs a good distraction. I sometimes wish I had something to take my mind off this story once in a while! LOL!

Thanks for the review!

Date: 01/20/07
Title: Chapter 32: Awakenings Reviewer: elfenears Signed
lovely chapter
more more *chants* lol
thanks for writing
xxx abi

Author's Response: Ahh. Thank you. Lot\'s of fun in the next few chapters. I\'m not sure where exactly I\'m going to end this book. I don\'t know how to handle the scouring of the Shire since Elaura won\'t be there. Book 4 will be entirely new material using Tolkien\'s appendices as a guide. Wish me luck!

Thanks for the feedback.

Date: 03/19/07
Title: Chapter 19: Me, Myself and Legolas Reviewer: elfenears Signed
nice chapter
i like how the shadow within had its own voice very spooky
thanks for the great story xx

Author's Response: You\'re quick! You read and reviewed before I realized I\'d left of the \"End of\" part! Thanks again for the feedback. It really keeps me motivated.
Date: 01/21/07
Title: Chapter 20: Fear and Loathing in North Ithilien Reviewer: elfenears Signed
this is a really good chapter
you are posting really fast keep it upxx

Author's Response: Thank you. Sorry it took me a couple of days to get 21 up. I needed a little rest.

Thanks for the review!

Date: 01/24/07