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Broken heart by Sweetie Rated: G [Reviews - 9]
Summary: For every woman who has gone through this before

To every girl who is going through this,

To every one who is in danger of going through it.

And to the PHG’s (pure heart girls) who are saving themselves hours of pain

I’m not against love; I’m just against careless infatuation. J
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Published: Nov 08 2006 Updated: Nov 08 2006 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: A broken heart Reviewer: Callisto Signed
hey Han that was awesome..even though if read it before but honestly god has given you a talent and don't undermine it! you can change lives if you stay strong!

Author's Response: Thanks, you have no idea how many \"dad checks\" I had to go through to get this poem on here, argh, my Dad is a perfectionist!! ~*Sweetie*~
Date: Dec 08 2006