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Summary: An essay describing how I came to Tolkien and the role it played in my childhood. Round Robin - please do add your own thoughts and experiences!
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Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 ~ And the doors in my mind swung open... Reviewer: Esteliel Signed
I'm so glad that somehow you wound up finding my story and this site through this - I couldn't imagine any higher praise than knowing that someone whose stories and characters I love and admire found her way to fanfic through me!

Despite the troubles one can sometimes find in fandom, for me the positive experiences vastly outnumber the negative ones - reading (and writig) fanfic or just talking about Tolkien's work is something that gives me a lot of pleasure and joy, more than any other fandom I've ever been in, and I hope that will never stop. (I can't imagine it will - there is somehow *more* to Tolkien than there ever was in any other fandoms I've been in. :))
Date: May 15 2009