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Summary: A Dunedain king still sits upon the throne of Rhudaur, but can he endure when faced with both an upstart hillman chieftain and the Witch-king of Angmar? Northern Kingdom Writers present a tale of intrigues and sorcery, treason and loyalty, cruelty and love will take the readers to Cameth Brin, Amon Sūl and Carn Dūm, letting them experience the dangers of 14 century Arnor. Based on LOTR Appendix A, the story is canon-mindful.
The first Part of the story is complete!
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Frodo, Gandalf / Olorin, Glorfindel, Merry, Nazgūl, Orcs/Uruk-Hai, Pippin, Sam, Witch King
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Romance, Tragedy
Warnings: Character Death, Rape, Torture, Violence
Series: The Shadow Over Rhudaur
Chapters: 24 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 56268 Read Count: 41482
[Report This] Published: 07/05/07 Updated: 06/08/07
Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 14/04/08 Title: Chapter 1: The Prologue -A Story about the Rescue of Princesses

(Sorry Folks. I just gave a response to a Review by Formegil. I wanted to edit my response, but only saw the 'delete' option - and it took away his whole review. Here it was.)
Formegil: This is simply an excellent story! I have always (well, since I first read LotR) been interested in the history of Arnor and its successor states. There are only hints here and there, though, in the books besides the very general account in the Appendix A. This is very good gapfiller. All that happens is quite believable.The characters are also well-done and act convincingly. I will add this to my favourites.

Author's Response: Thank you Formegil! Several of our group of authors are also very interested in Arnor and it\'s daughter Kingdoms - the Northern Dunedain. We try really hard to make our story fit within the boundaries JRRT prescribed as canon... but he sure left a lot of room to work on this subject. And we\'re enjoying \'fleshing out\' this one aspect of it. If you\'re interested in joining in on the fun, stop on by. :)

Summary: Aedil and his elvish polka band on tour in Middle-Earth. Can they struggle their way through sappy lyrics, bad contracts and enthusiastic fangirls? And most importantly, do they get anything but sore feet from their journey to fame? A sequel to The Singsong Sindar.
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Ecthelion, Gandalf / Olorin, Nazgūl, Orcs/Uruk-Hai, Original Character, Other Canon Character
Genres: Humor
Warnings: AU (alternate universe)
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 13159 Read Count: 4961
[Report This] Published: 14/04/08 Updated: 18/04/08
Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 18/04/08 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Attack of the Fangirls

I so loved the Dol Guldur chapter! "That fellow Khamūl" with a sharp eye for details and his flu! And orc fangirls! Great fun. Cheers, Gordis

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I hope you like the other chapters as well.

Defenders of Gondor by Formegil Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 3]
Summary: A young soldier finds love just before the war of 1944 T.A., but will he survive to enjoy of it? A tale of an invididual soldier in training and in battle.
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Original Character, Other Canon Character
Genres: General, Romance
Warnings: Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 10816 Read Count: 4034
[Report This] Published: 21/04/08 Updated: 23/04/08
Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 26/04/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Regiment’s Children

Great story, wonderful characterization.
I am so looking forward to the sequel set in Arthedain. - Gordis

Author's Response: Thanks, Gordis! The first chapter of the sequel On the Paths of the Fathers is already posted, and I hope to finish the whole story within this weekend. The action in Arthedain begins in the third chapter.

Summary: Thaundil son of Ereg joins the army despite his parents' will and takes part in the Battle of Fornost. An independent sequel to Defenders of Gondor.
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Cirdan, Glorfindel, Original Character, Other Canon Character, Witch King
Genres: General
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 8052 Read Count: 4441
[Report This] Published: 26/04/08 Updated: 27/04/08
Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 28/04/08 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Homecoming

I liked the whole story. You use the meager data in the Appendix A quite aptly - your rendition of the battle of Fornost is quite believable. I like how you depict relationship of the father and the son - no fluffiness at all, but their mutual love still shines through. And the homecoming is sweet!
How about moving on to the events of 2000-2002 and tell how Gondor lost Minas Ithil? *wink-wink*… Cheers, Gordis

Author's Response: Thanks! I tried to avoid clichées while handling the family relationships, but I fear the romance between Ereg and Riliel is still a little sugary. I may rewrite some of it later. In the homecoming scene I tried to close the circle started in Defenders, so to speak. As for Minas Ithil, why not? I actually originally thought about it, Ereg\'s grandson as the main hero, but I think it would be best to change that. I have free time until next Monday and already have started the story. After that, though, I may concentrate for some time on writing of something else than soldiers.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 26/04/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Like Father, Like Son

Good start, Formegil. And the ending is simply brilliant! *grins*. Keep up the good work, Gordis.

Author's Response: Thanks! The advice Ereg quoted was the most heard sentence in the Finnish army. I hope you will like the rest of the story as well.

The Stained Moon by Formegil Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 4]
Summary: The last days of Minas Ithil have come, and there is no hope left. Man-at-arms Goerfin fights his last battle as his city falls to the Enemy.
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Nazgūl, Original Character, Witch King
Genres: General
Warnings: Character Death
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 7951 Read Count: 3683
[Report This] Published: 28/04/08 Updated: 05/05/08
Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 29/04/08 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Growing Despair

Another great story, Formegil. Loved your description of shining Minas Ithil and your account of the battle. I am sure more is to come.
No, we have no exact dates for the siege: only 2000-2002. The shorter it is, the more plausible, IMO - because how come Gondor didn't send an army to deliver the city in 2 full years?
I recommend this thread here:

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! There will be one more chapter to this story. I have assumed that the siege began in spring 2000 (the usual opening of \"warring season\" in Middle Ages) and ended at late autumn 2002. A possible reason for lack of delivering attempt is the size of the enemy army. Blocking all roads to Minas Ithil the Witch-King would have made the attempt very perilous, a possible major defeat to Eärnil would have opened the rest of Gondor for the enemy. But this is only assumption. I\'ll check the thread you mentioned.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 05/05/08 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Last Stand

The ending is strangely bitter-sweet, despite all the horrors. Good work!

What now? The bitter end of King Earnur in 2050 just cries to be described!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I thought to lighten the otherwise grim ending, it seems I succeeded. I have thought to write something about Dwarves next, but after that... Who knows?

Summary: The misery of fate, for Nķniel to discover that her brother is also her husband, and the father of her child.

A drabble based on the story in Unfinished Tales.
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Other Canon Character
Genres: Tragedy
Warnings: Character Death
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 103 Read Count: 2466
[Report This] Published: 28/06/08 Updated: 28/06/08
Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 01/07/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Very well written drabble, Elfhild! I like it - Gordis.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words. :) Sorry for the delay in responding.

Heart of Rhūn by Formegil Rated: PG-13 [Reviews - 23]
Summary: Two thieves and foster-brothers from Minas Anor get the job of their lives when they are hired to steal the legendary Heart of Rhūn. Or so they thought... The quest proves to be harder than they ever expected, sending them on an eventful and dangerous journey across Middle-Earth. The story starts in late 1304 Third Age (1700 years pre-LOTR).
14/06/2009 - This story is nominated for Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards (MEFA) 2009 competition.

Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Gandalf / Olorin, Original Character
Genres: Action/Adventure, General
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 32 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 96924 Read Count: 28085
[Report This] Published: 01/07/08 Updated: 05/08/11
Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 16/04/09 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14: To the Roads of North

Wow - another great chapter. I am much enjoying the story. Real good old adventure story. And Gandalf's cameo! - Gordis

Author's Response: Nice that you like it! As for Gandalf, I'm not going to spoil the plot, but let's say that's not te last time our heroes see him...

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 01/07/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: An Unexpected Visitor

Wow - isn't that intriguing? Very captivating description of the main character and the fortune-telling. I can't wait to see what happens next - Gordis

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I did a little research in the fortune-telling before writing this. It felt that it would be a suitable profession for an ex-thief and ex-fraud. Somehow felt I felt it would be a good idea to give the main character a somewhat unusual occupation.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 07/07/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: An Unexpected Visitor

That is indeed a page-turner! Ever thought to make a living writing adventure stories? Also loved how you have incorporated this reference to the King favoring those Northmen over his own people... It just neatly ties the story to its time-frame. Keep up the good work - Gordis

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Now that's a new idea to me, to make a living by writing stories. As for the reference, I thought it would be suitable to incorporate a 'voice of the people', so to speak. I am such canon freak that I felt that besides the adventures of the foster-brothers I should write a little also of the political issues in Gondor. Those will remain in sidelines, though.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 11/08/08 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Ill Start For A Journey

Wow! what an unexpected turn of events!

Author's Response: Well, not to spoil anything, this not the last of that kind....

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 04/09/08 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Seaward Bound

Very interesting new chapter... So - to Tharbad now? It doesn't bring them closer to Rhun, but I guess they will have some great adventures in places we know well about - like Moria or the High pass. Won't they? *wink*

Author's Response: Oh, yes, they will. Actually that was the reason I asked you the permission of using those Rhudaur place names. A well-known canon character will also appear when they reach Eriador. By the way, thanks for the review.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 02/11/08 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Another Kind of Storm Brewing

Great descriprion of the storm. Loved it.

As for the last chapter, it reminds me of John Silver and Jim in the apple-barrel... Mind you, it is no criticism; a good plot-twist is always great, even if it was done before. Post more, please!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I must admit that the resemblance of the scenes is intentional. Stevenson's Treasure Island was one of my favourite books when I was a boy. I had already decided that there would be a mutiny aboard the Sea-Eagle, and after reading Treasure Island after many years' pause I decided to adapt the apple-barrel scene to my story, as a sort of homage to Stevenson for hours of enjoyment with his book. I think I should have mentioned this in my story notes. But as I wrote all the dialogue etc. myself and took only the general setting, I think it can be counted as a literary influence, not plagiarism. Good to see you, too, see it so.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 04/02/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: An Unexpected Visitor

Yes, you succeeded perfectly in making it realistic. -Gordis

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 18/04/09 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Good Runes And Hole-Dwellers

Ahh, so they have acquired a worthy new companion. Something tells me they won't be able to give her a slip anytime soon (he-he!) Seems a bit strange that a woman would travel alone, but then again in 1304 Cardolan was still a prosperous, safe land. Yet in the borderlands along the Great Road that may change. Is there war with Arthedain or Rhudaur at the time?
Your hobbits are delightful and very hobbit-y. Uninteresting objects for a fortune teller.

Author's Response: Well, Gutrune certainly won't be easy to get rid of. And we'll see soon if one of the brothers even wants that... As for the political situation, I'm going to write it so that there's much tension and bad blood, but not an open war. In general I've planned to present the situation so that Angmar's power is still relatively weak, but already felt and steadily growing at the time period of the story. Nice you liked Sigebert and his family. That sequence was actually quite a random idea out of the blue, but it fit into its place and it was mildly amusing to write, so I included it.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 21/04/09 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16: Overreacting Over Mead

What a cliff-hanger! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Oh, I will. I'll have a new chapter ready, most probably by this weekend.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 29/04/09 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17: The Beckoning Hand

Uh, pretty horrible!

Author's Response: Hmm, I guess I should take it you mean the events, not the writing ;)

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 19/09/09 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Two Strangers

Sorry I have been remiss in reviewing. The new chapters are as great as usual - real good adventure story. I hope you will get a MEFA award for it!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Nice to see you like the story. There will be a lot of action in the next few chapters, when I finally find time to type them. And thanks for the well-wishes. I'd be truly proud if I won an award.

Reviewer: NKW Signed
Date: 24/09/09 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 20: A Rude Awakening

OWW- what a twist! Our robbers got robbed...funny.

Author's Response: Yeah, Gutrune wasn't so sweet and nice after all. Soon we'll see how our heroes react, and I promise they are not going to just accept the theft calmly.