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Freedom From Fear by Fionnabhair Rated: PG-13 starstarstar [Reviews - 3]
Summary: Éowyn's life as a child and young woman in Rohan, describing what drove her to become the ice-cold Shieldmaiden. Stretching from the death of Théodwyn and Éomund to the end of the War of the Ring, and including Théodred, Boromir, Aragorn, Hama, Elfhelm, Elladan and Elrohir and many others. Mainly novel canon, with a brief diversion into movie canon.
Categories: Movie-verse Characters: Original Character
Genres: Romance, Drama, Angst
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 4602 Read Count: 4201
Published: Aug 04 2004 Updated: Feb 09 2005 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: To Die, To Sleep Reviewer: eowynangel Signed
I truly like this fic. discovered it here and finished it on Parma. Nicely done !
Date: Nov 08 2004
Mellyn by Tathrin Rated: G starstar [Reviews - 16]
Summary: We have heard tell that Legolas took Gimli Gloin's son with him because of their great friendship, greater than any that has been between Elf and Dwarf. If this is true, then it is strange indeed: that a Dwarf should be willing to leave Middle-earth for any love. And yet, where bonds this strong exist, all things are possible. Now at last, more can be said of this matter... Winner of 2005 Flame of Arnor Awards for Best Friendship!
Categories: Book-verse Characters: Arwen, Eldarion, Gimli, Legolas
Genres: Drama
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 4883 Read Count: 2230
Published: Oct 08 2004 Updated: Oct 08 2004 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Mellyn Reviewer: eowynangel Signed
I like it very much so far. The way you portrayed young Legolas is very good. One notice though : if your title "Mellin" is supposed to mean "friends" in Sindarin, the right spelling is "Mellyn", according to my studies. Keep up the good work !

Author's Response: Seriously? Well, that's what happens when you leave all your elvish documents at home and try to reconstruct these things from your faulty memory, I guess...*mutters darkly*
Date: Nov 09 2004