Reviews by Junodog
Summary: The Elric Brothers and Beregond are reunited at last to search for the Philosopher's Stone. But they also find themselves entangled in a dangerous web that closes around them tighter by the minute.
Categories: Crossovers Characters: Beregond, None, Other Canon Character
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama
Warnings: AU (alternate universe)
Series: Shamballa
Chapters: 46 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 158835 Read Count: 44452
Published: 01/27/08 Updated: 09/27/09 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12: The Key Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Go, Syndow, go!
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 13: Enemy Revealed Reviewer: Junodog Signed
I feel bad for Hughes...
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 14: A Step Back Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Of COURSE Knoxey should be in the story. He's so angry and lovable. :3
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 15: A Step Closer To The Truth Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Will they make it in time? Oh, the suspense!
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 16: A Race Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Those last two paragraphs would have killed me, too.

Author's Response: Yeah... I'm still trying to recover.
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 17: Rush Valley Reviewer: Junodog Signed
And the mysterious man is none other than...
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 18: Responsibility Reviewer: Junodog Signed
...the best husband and wife butcher pair ever.

Author's Response: The little choochy face and the teddy bear! XD
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 19: Izumi Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Agh, I started imagining this scene in the anime's English dub. Bad brain, bad!
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 20: Time To Stand Still Reviewer: Junodog Signed
I love that horse.
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 21: Wild Child Reviewer: Junodog Signed
I hope you kill him off.
I mean... I love you!

Author's Response: All in good time. :p
Date: 12/04/08
Title: Chapter 22: Encounter Reviewer: Junodog Signed

Oh, and... oh no! Philosopher's Stone! And Scar!
Date: 12/16/08
Title: Chapter 23: Riddles In The Dark Reviewer: Junodog Signed
I enjoyed the name of this chapter. AND NOTHING ELSE.
Ha ha just kidding.
Date: 01/18/09
Title: Chapter 24: In Search For Answers Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Oh noes! She passed out!
Date: 04/25/09
Title: Chapter 25: A Teacher's Mistakes Reviewer: Junodog Signed
You are still awesome for keeping Hughes alive, you know that?
Date: 04/25/09
Title: Chapter 26: Complications Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Poor Ed didn't know, and poor Al's gonna get caught...
Date: 04/25/09
Title: Chapter 27: Visits Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Suspense, guilt, plotting, anger, guilt, angst... Everything is here. Wonderful.
Date: 04/25/09
Title: Chapter 28: The Nature Of A Homunculus Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Dang, what a blow to Winry's pride...
Date: 04/25/09
Title: Chapter 29: Dante Of The Deep Forest Reviewer: Junodog Signed
That's what you get for walking out in an angry huff, Ed: A punch in the face.
Date: 04/25/09
Title: Chapter 30: Kidnapped Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Date: 04/25/09
Title: Chapter 31: Fight At The Devil's Nest Reviewer: Junodog Signed
Ooh, Greed's got crazy powers! I wonder what'll happen next!
Date: 04/25/09