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Summary: A brief, modified excerpt from Arwen's Journey answering Shadow Maiden's challenge (sort of) about Estel having to try something on.
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Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Formegil Signed
I liked this much, it's a nice little episode what the married life of Aragorn and Arwen could have been. In the books and movies their relationship is depicted being so "official" and a little pompous that small scenes like these enliven at least my image of their life together. I general your skill in characterization and dialogue makes always enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Although Aragorn (as King Elessar) is a man of courage and determination, I've always felt that, in the royal couple's private life, Arwen could bend him to her will without being a shrew. Like most royal families, they would appear a bit pompous to the general public. In my stories, however, I've tried to portray them and their children as ordinary folks when they're behind closed doors.

Thanks for the review, Formegil. I'll be sure to get back to reading and reviewing your stories when I'm back on my winter schedule.
Date: Nov 10 2008
Summary: Karlmir Stonewain has one of his typical nighttime brainstorms on Middle Earth, with an occasional whispered suggestion from Calliope in the guise of Arwen Evenstar/Liv Tyler.
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Series: Arda Musings
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Title: Chapter 1: Waking Dreams: An Early Morning Ramble in Anórien Reviewer: Formegil Signed
This was quite a funny piece, it really made me smile. Your muse sure seems to be intrusive sometimes. I, for my part, still wait to meet my muse, either she doesn't exist or she's so shy she just sends me those ideas without making an appearance.

Author's Response: Buy the Liv Tyler/Arwen poster and your muse will appear. Well, providing that Arwen is your muse too.

I sort of dreamed up that whole story while I was semi-awake yesterday morning. My Evenstar poster is near my bed, so one glance at her was all I needed to start hearing her voice in my ear.

Thanks for keeping in touch.
Date: Dec 10 2008
Summary: During the early spring of the year 14 FO, three years after Cromwell’s Rebellion, a pair of teenage boys from Calembel arrive in Minas Tirith, intent on seeking their fortunes. They will quickly find employment and make the acquaintance of an odd, misshapen fellow, a sorry victim of the War of the Ring who has lost most of his long term memory. Who is this strange person and how did he come to live in the New City Quarter?

This is in response to a challenge by Narya.
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Challenges: Gollum's Fate
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Title: Chapter 1: Expectations Reviewer: Formegil Signed
This is a very good start for a story. As the previous reviewer noted, the main characters are sympathetic in their young enthusiasm. You've managed to excellently capture the way youth regards every new job as a kind of adventure. Also, your descriptions of the factory are very vivid. Somehow, you've even managed to turn a day of manual labour into an entertaining read!

I think the employer hiring war invalids is actually quite realistic a concept. Here in Finland, for instance, WWII (with its threat of total annihilation of our country and people) and the rebuilding period afterwards were huge unifying factors. Many employers had themselves been at the front and wanted to do a good turn to fellow veterans. Thus, some of them gave preference to war invalids able to work and ex- front soldiers when hiring workers. So, a Gondorian employer doing likewise makes perfect sense.

Author's Response: Thanks, Formegil. My descriptions of the factory and its workers are based upon actual life experiences. I was a child laborer in my father's shop during the late 1950's and early 1960's.

See my reply below concerning the hiring of war invalids. I'm disgusted with the way many wounded veterans of the Vietnam and present wars have been mistreated by the Veterans' Administration.

I'm presently in the middle of my autumn chores, but I hope to have the concluding chapter finished soon. Thanks again for your time and review.
Date: Oct 05 2011
Title: Chapter 2: The Antique Box Reviewer: Formegil Signed
I like the scene in The Blue Frog very much, especially the conversations between the workers. Even with rather brief description they seem to be very likable fellows. The two Orcs especially interested me: How and when did they turn away from evil and came to work in Gondor? I wouldn't mind seeing them, and some of the others in future stories, too.

It was oddly moving and comical at the same time to see Trahald doing his "paperwork". It's like he was trying to fill a void in his life by pretending to himself that he was doing something worthwhile. This, of course, is wholly my own impression so disregard that if it was not your intent. There were other fine touches in the scene, too, for instance Trahald's secret word and the conversation with the reflection in the mirror. Well, I guess this actually may be the happiest end Gollum could get.

P.S. Did you get my reply to your latest email? My mail sometimes refuses to work properly.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review and continuing interest in my stories, Formegil. Snagagűl Boxlifter is a character I originally created for "Arwen's Journey." He alludes to his role in that story during his conversation with Tauron and Malbethmir. Both he and Globuk gave up their evil ways once they were free of Sauron's influences.

You correctly guessed Trahald's reasons for poring over wrinkled receipts and contracts he couldn't understand. As a child, I used play the same game with the old paperwork my father would discard from his business, even though I was too young to read. The fact that I couldn't understand what was on the pages made it all the more easy to fantasize that I was doing the work of a lawyer or scribe.

Yes, your last Email reached me with no problem.
Date: Nov 22 2011