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Summary: Another girl makes it to Middle Earth story.
Jessica is a Wicca (an Earth Witch)and does Re-enactments, when she ends up in Middle Earth all she believes of the Gods and Goddess' changes when she travels with the Fellowship. (Trying to keep it from being a Mary Sue - but you never know.)
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Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Reviewer: Jordanplustwo Signed
I like it :D Though 5 and 6 are just 4 split in two, you did realize you did that right? lol I never read the books, so i'm not familiar with it, but it's good to see another strong female being put in with the fellowship story :D
Date: 10/13/08
Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Reviewer: Jordanplustwo Signed
You are welcome my dear :D I"m just getting around to looking at my favorite here ... including yours LOL I don't fee the need to look anymore since I get them before they're posted! LOL
Date: 03/24/09