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Summary: Legolas meets a grieving, virginal shieldmaiden of Rohan and discovers he gets much more than he expected. Follows the course of the film/book initially, then into uncharted territory. Explores Culture Clash, developing relationship, much romance, some angst, hot Elf sex of course and ultimately mortality/immortality. Written from the point of view of the the shieldmaiden interspersed with Legolas. All other characters appear and are friends.
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Title: Chapter 15: Pathways Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
This is the first NC-17 LOTR story I ever read and it lead to oh, well, many many more, but still -yours is the one I keep in my ahem, bedside table. I generally avoid Legolas stories, even though I do think he's gorgeous, but yours is so well written. I love his formality, way of speaking and feral gentleness. The two POVs are excellent. Only problem is you don't update often enough. PS. I bought Ned Kelly just so I would be able to read your other fic with knowledge. Please don't stop & update soon. Thanks.
Date: Dec 02 2004
Title: Chapter 16: Ride To War Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Thank you, thank you for updating this story. As usual, the words are wonderful - I love the voice you give to Legolas and your use of the word "also." Thank you also (heh) for NOT having Rowenna captured. Yea! You're back!
Date: May 27 2005
Title: Chapter 1: West Wind Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
I very much like this first chapter. Your descriptions are evocative and I think you've captured the general despair surrounding these events so well. I very much like that you had Rowannen *hear* Legolas' voice before she saw him. It makes her feelings all the more real - ah that the face is as beautiful is just icing on the cake. (I too have discovered that a voice captures my attention almost more than a countenance. - Most of my favorite actors - Orlando, Johnny Depp, Jeremy Irons all have voices that are just exquisite to my ears, but I digress.) I love your description of Legolas - it shows great thought and that you seem to have an affinity for this sweet elf. That your protagonist is Hama's sister is also a master-stroke. She has a purpose and is not just "some girl." My favorite part however, is the voice you give to Legolas. It sounds so like what I have imagined and you have brought it to vivid life. That he is loathe to take advantage of Rowannen is so sweet. What a wonderful beginning!

Author's Response: Thank you. I agree with you on the actors voices, I ,love your choices too. I have a thing for accents and I love Sean Bean's Yorkshire accent as it reminds me of my roots. Legolas' voice is gentle and considered but so pure, powerful and beautiful. "A lament for Gandalf... I have nor the heart to tell you. For me the grief is still too near." GAH. in fact all his lines in the movie have the same effect on me. :)
Date: Jun 07 2005
Title: Chapter 2: Evermind Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Your description of Eomer's room made me laugh- I thought it true to his character - just wait until Lotheriel gets her hands on him! I am glad that you consider the "practical" in your writing - What did they wear and how did they get their clothes. You delve into the the small things and make them meaningful. And I love your erotic and exotic use of hair - Elven hair is so luxurious, isn't it? It's one of the things that absolutely attracts me to elves. You made me feel Rowannen's exhaustion and confusion acutely and the little glimmer of hope provided with the promise of the ride with Legolas relieved it in such a gentle way. Oh and to just picture her finally giving out and being comforted by the elf. Lovely. I like the way you are building the romance slowly with a glance here, a slight feeling there - the loving touch of selecting the clothes. And ah- the foot massage. A wonderful way to begin the physical relationship. Moving on now to Chapt.3. now.
Date: Jun 08 2005
Title: Chapter 3: Willows in the Stream Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
At first, I must say, I thought some of the writing was a little choppy, but I must say as a first-person accounting the style is exactly correct. We do think in short burst and sentence fragments and sometimes move quickly from thought to thought. I really think this style, applied to your story creates an urgency that is unique in the fanfic world. I feel as if I am there, with them and am very much enjoying the voyeurism of it all. This chapter is so cathartic. After the grief, sorrow and general despair of the first two (well-evoked of course, and necessary) - this, I think, as intended, was a breath of fresh air. Love the stuff on Falconry. A nice, and very original touch. Your portrayal of Rowennan's awakening passion/sexuality is superb. Wanting it - feeling it- and not quite knowing what to do with/about it. Legolas' understanding and conscious care of her feelings is so heartbreakingly poignant. Again, well done.

Author's Response: This is still my favourite chapter, even more than the later love scenes. This one is special and real to me. Burned into my brain for some reason. Maybe for the sense of freedom again after oppression as you mentioned, maybe because from this point (although nothing really earthshattering has happened) in a way it has and there is not turning back.
Date: Jun 08 2005
Title: Chapter 3: Willows in the Stream Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Sorry about the redundancy in the first line below. I was stupid and didn't reread the review before I pushed the button. Won't do that again!
Date: Jun 09 2005
Title: Chapter 4: Two Hearts are One Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
I appreciate that you didn't "downgrade" the children's mother in favor of Rowannen. I also see this in your dealings with elves and men. While your protagonist has a clar preference, it is not at the expense of the qualities of "men". You point out differences surely, but don't lose sight of the fact that she is a human. You made up the story of Snowmane & Ganlerin? Very nice. Your affinity for animals really shows and thinking of the dogs left behind made me sad, but I'm glad she remembered and at least did what she could for them. I can just picture Legolas dancing with his knives and I approve heartily of your description of the Rohirrim. I've often thought of Eomer, and by extension other folks of that realm as a practical, clever and knowing people. Close to the land. Rather more like hobbits than say, men of Gondor. I have great love and respect for Theoden. "Swiftly has this happened and I was taken by surprise." One of the lines that rolls around in my head quite often. I find myself repeating it just for the shear sound. And, I especially enjoyed the little Gimli -Aragorn exchange. The dwarf is starting to know his elven friend better and sees a lot more than he lets on. Sometimes dwarves are portrayed so crudely. I like your Gimli.

Author's Response: Yes Snowmane and Ganlerain and any other horse myths I made up. Glad you liked it.
Date: Jun 09 2005
Title: Chapter 6: On into the Dawn Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
I had thought initially to send you a private email with my review of these past two chapters. My responses seem too personal to share with the world. But then I rethought. My dear, if you have the fearlessness to throw your heart out there for all to see, then I can do no less. This is such a beautifully done "first time." I cannot image what it is to be cared for and loved with such reverence. On both of their parts. From the initial reassurance of "You are beautiful", through the unwinding of his hair (I like how you have each of them refer to it differently), to the initial tentative touches, it is simply exquisite. Thank you for taking such time to unveil this slowly. As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I react strongly to voices and luxurious long hair and now you have hit on another - hands and fingers. You more than adequately described his hands, "and my fingers are long." - and what he does with them - an usually too quickly passed over aspect of love-making, in my opinion. I love the words you give to our fair elf. "I am initially surprised and then astonishingly glad." - another sentence that runs through my mind at odd times. His continuous concern for her, guiding her, asking her leave before he proceeds - how gentle and thoughtful he is. Your description of her first orgasm rings so true. It is hard for me to remember that far back, but surely "not knowing how far pleasure could be followed" was at one time the stepping off of the cliff for all of us. How cleverly you portray her first forway into being the initiator, and his understanding of what she is doing. The whole "Look at me" sequence brought me to edge for sure. Such intimacy is almost painful. And then to help her wash afterwards - So beautiful. This entire episode is so leisurely done and lanquid. All I can say is that I am grateful that you shared such a gift with us. "Amin harmuva onalle e cormanin." Indeed.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Yes indeed, if only first times were really like that, or even any time! My imaginary Llegolas has rather spoiled me for reality I am afraid.
Date: Jun 12 2005
Title: Chapter 7: Flight Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
As much as I love the "first time" in Chapts. 5&6, I would be dishonest if I didn't tell you I liked this one even better. As a matter of fact, I think this is my favorite piece of love-making in the whole story so far (yes, of course, I've read ahead - we'll get to the other Chapts. later). There are some lighthearted moments also that allow your characters to explore their friendship as well as their passion. Once again, your inclusion of animals is wonderful. Do you know Falconry? It was a very nice and necessary moment when she let Feannim go - a metaphor, perhaps? The conversation between them about what he must do and their mutual give and take was as much as a "marriage" ceremony, I thought. The reapproachment between Rowannen and Eowyn was welcome too. True friends may have their disagreements, but in the end truth and love will out. Nice touch having Legolas and Aragorn discuss elf-human relationships. Another bonding moment for our Ranger and Prince. Ahhh. And of course, your description of their coming together (heh) again is marvelous. Yikes! Maybe it is the "publicness" ofthe place, maybe it is the "have to be quick," or "have to be silent" aspect, but really it boils down to "I mean to play this way!" and the hand over her mouth concurrent with the driving thrust. Oh My. I laughed at his "do not bite them off" line and oh, the sucking of the fingers. I've almost reached my own peak thinking of that one - and of course all that came before. "just the tip, back and forth." Big Sigh. Aragorn's last quip was appropriate. I too say, "Gods!". I think this is one of my favorite chapters.

Author's Response: *smile* yes this seems to be a popular chapter. I think it is the publicness and the need for silence that strikes a chord with everyone. I LOVE his fingers too. I have spent many a happy hour at an Orlando Board studying his fingers in pictures. 'God,' they are beautiful. About the animals, I do not own a falcon myself but knew someone who did once and have visited falconry centres. I once bought as christmas present for my husband a day at acentre flying owls. We have a great pic of a snowy owl spreading it's wings in his face, and I live in the country and am very familiar with horses and especially dogs. I have 4.
Date: Jun 13 2005
Title: Chapter 8: Wolves in the Hills Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Very clever, intertwining the Aragorn/Arwen with Legolas/Rowannen in Aragorn's conversation with Eowyn. She sees again that she lives in a very small world. As Sam would say "a real eye-opener and that's no mistake." It was a touching binding ceremony also. So simple. Just as I picture such things to be in a war-torn Middle-earth. And whether Hama dies in a warg battle (movie) or at Helm's Deep (book), it is always a sad moment for me. That in your story he is fleshed out as brother, husband and father makes it sadder still. Such a beautiful/terrible description of childbirth. I guess that's the first and about only thing about living in Middle-earth that I couldn't abide. Thank God for epidurals. I think the face of my anesthesiologist (sp?) is right up there next to the face of God. Another fine chapter and the circle of live continues...
Date: Jun 13 2005
Title: Chapter 9: Away with Sorrow Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
That was a good re-telling of the battle with the wargs. It read as urgently as it was portrayed in the movie. I appreciate the research you must have done or knowledge that you have to make things so realistic. One must be an engineer or an herbalist or a medical professional - a keeper of birds of prey, a military officer, etc, etc, etc, to write a good piece of fanfic. Or else take care with reading and research. I appreciate the time you take to make it right.,i.e., the way the water works, what effects various herbs have, etc. I very much like the silence of the next scene. Fitting. She channels all her love and thoughts through her fingers. That he allows her to do this without a word speaks volumes. He does lover her and trusts her and lets her hold his soul in his hands. I again praise you for allowing their sexual relationship to unfold slowly. There are so many new and different things they have yet to explore. A chapter that is beautiful with the reaffirmation of life. Sigh.
Date: Jun 14 2005
Title: Chapter 10: Darkness And Light Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
I have always loved the thought of the meaning of the different braidings, though I don't think Tolkien every addressed it. I have ever appreciated fanfic authors who had added their own thoughts to the patterns used. Yours I like very much. Nothing too elaborate and also subtle. It is easy to picture them. Once again, you make me love Hama and mourn his loss. "Ocean calling the dew wet" - Nice Rohirrim type turn of the phrase. I've not heard this one specifically before - is it yours or a UK thing? Seamless insertion of your character into these scenes and your collapsing of events is also well done. My favorite moment in Two Towers (and strangely enough, because I know it is rare, TT is my favorite of the three movies), is when the elves appear at Helm's Deep. I know it is not canon, but if I could pick one thing to like about PJs changes, this is it. The relief it gives Aragorn, the look of wonder in the eyes of the Rohirrim and the pride in Legolas' eyes is wonderful. Haldir didn't die there, though. I'm telling you! and you stopped your re-telling as just the right moment. I wasn't going to review 11 today, but now I have to. I love this chapter.

Author's Response: 'ocean calling the dew wet'... that type of remark is definitely a Northern England type of gently sarcastic retort I think, there are perhaps many instances of this. The most famous and old fashioned one being. "The pot calling the kettle black." Have you heard that one or is that very English too? I have also read another similar instance in a fanfic 'the river calling the rain wet' There are several things I think PJ did really well that may have offended some book canon enthusiasts, the warg battle and the elves at Helm's Deep being 2 of them, both very dramatic and adding something to the tale I think.
Date: Jun 14 2005
Title: Chapter 11: Sunrise Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
What a wonderful story-teller you are. The tale of Rowannen and Legolas, of course - but all your other little tales woven throughout are lovely. The story of Snowmane & Ganlerain I've told you I loved and now this ending. Superb. No only like L&R, but also like Amroth & Nimrodel. Oh yes, myths upon myths. What a well-woven world Tolkien subcreated for us - and you have expanded upon. Again, a nicely compressed version of Helm's Deep. Interesting. Yavanna's sacrifice. Hmmm, she thinks, wonderingly. That was SO Eomer. Quick anger, but he will think about it. He has so much on his mind and his reaction is visceral. See? I told you Haldir didn't die. Glad you listened. God Bless You. Same old haughty elf, too. Will he show up @ the coronation or A/A's wedding? Or are you doing movie verse there also? It was the voice. I love it. The meaning of a voice and the hearing of one's name upon the lips of the beloved is so Tolkien. Much praise. Thanks again for such a terrific story.
Date: Jun 14 2005
Title: Chapter 12: Mirror Image Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Thank you for bringing the grey company to Rohan. It is one of the things I really missed in the movie. Yea! The twins are here! Nice use of Sindarin. Do you use a specific site? Where do you get your translations/words? Another line that rolls around in my head, "Elladan wears always the blue beads." I am so strange. I don't now why exactly. Maybe it is the word order that I love or well, maybe, because it Elladan. You know I have a soft spot for that twin. Aragorn suggesting a bath turns fanfic on its head and for that I thank you. Personally, I prefer the scruffy Ranger over the cleaned up King, but he sure does clean up well. Well, Eowyn. that brazen hussy! (laughs). It is good that you brink back previous elements of your sotry i.e., the bathing in midsummer. It shows you care for the story itself and like Tolkien, even little things can have meaning later on. What a nice, sweet chapter this was. Quite a relief from the last two or three. And their love-making was so much more free this time. And, oh, did I mention the Twins?

Author's Response: mmm yes the tiwns... gorgeous arn't they.? The use of the beads i must credit to Minuil_Nuwing and her exquisite fic Princes Three. The beads are her creation and she kindly allows me to use her beads in reference to her beautiful twins and their relationship with Legolas. A great gift on her her part that i truly treasure because I understand it hurts to have them featuere in a het fic. Love you Min for for your gift to me.
Date: Jun 15 2005
Title: Chapter 13: Games Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
I admire the way you choose to break your chapters. Sometimes they have a natural end and well...sometimes they just continue. You are such a tease! You get me all excited and then I have to wait. Brilliant! Oh, gee, here we go again with fingers, I love it. And the rest is so good. "Las" is my favorite nickname for him. It always sounds like such an endearment to me. On what did you draw to make up the games? It fits in so well here and seems so true to life. Just like Elrond to teach them a "game" that also instructs. I can't connect that one with any other game I know. Can see elements of a game called "Risk" in the horse one, though. Alike, but not. The last "game" played by Las/Rowannen is definitely up to your usual standards. Again. You break the chapter here?! You are well and truly a rat.

Author's Response: I "LOVE " 'LAS' too just such a perfect shortening of his name and an endearnment that encompasses so perfectly who he is. "LEAF" ... I always think of him in my mind as LAS.. that is who is he is to me.. and the games , the tile game is a totally made up concept that I thought of with Elrond and his sons in mind. Maybe Mah Jong or even Dominoes uses tiles, but the healing thing was something I blended with Imladris and the Ranger. The horse game was an amalgam of Menel's chess like game in her fic 'Riding Lessons' and the real life strategy game 'Risk' also something that Rowannen and Eowyn, Theodred and Eomer could have collaborated on together in gentler times, a sort of personal history of their people, intertwining their respect for their land and also much personal involvement. And yes the sex games proceed onward from that for all couples concerned. such is the power of games. :)
Date: Jun 15 2005
Title: Chapter 14: Gifts Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
A confession. Rowannen's reaction to the twins relationship was at first very similar to my own. As I've told you, this was my first foray into elf-smut and while I had come across slash in my travels I had never read any. I couldn't imagine my sexy, manly, elvenly guys in those situations and it just wasn't canon. Well. I've since discovered that I've missed a lot and thanks to your paving the way, as you did for Rowannen. I am now an avid slash reader (if they are of quality like this) and now, I can hardly picture Glorfindel without Erestor., etc. Thanks for the gentle introduction to a whole new world. More fingers! Yea. I watch the scenes in FOTR where Las receives the new bow over and over - not only because looks particularly beautiful then, because he does, but because of his fingers sliding over that bow. Ditto the extended "Final Tally" scene in TT. In addition to that wonderfully smug expression, his fingers pluck over the bow. (I always like bass players in bands for the same reason) I love the paragraph about the water washing some things out and cleansing and bringing new things in. Lovely. The gifts are beautiful and poignant and I love that Legolas asks permission of the tree for its twig and then salves the wound. Oh, and how sweet the twins are to also love her and provide what solace they can. Awww. That's my boys, um, elves! It'll be a while until they're together again. Wah. So sad, still I have hope.
Date: Jun 16 2005
Title: Chapter 15: Pathways Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Thank you for remembering the Valar in your story. Legolas still has lots to teach her, in oh so many ways. That Nienna answered his prayer made me smile. A lot. I can certainly see Rowannen's needing to ride to Minas Tirith. Action has always been as a balm for grief and sorrow to me and I understand her need to "do something." How beautiful are your words of the wind. A very nice piece of writing I think. Some of your best. Your skill improves with doing of it - a spur onward? she says hopefully. I am grateful that you used much of the book in your telling. Especially the momen when you have Aragorn speak to the dead and for all intents and purposes BECOME King. I never thought the movie showed this point clearly enough. Yes, he was forceful with the dead, but never really "shone with the Kingly light " and I don't think he necessarily believed it himself. The closest I thought it came was post-Pelannor when Gandalf acknowledges him releasing the dead and Aragorn bows back. Hardly a Kingly moment like those portayed in the book. Sorry, I went on and on - thanks for providing me that moment in your story. Such nice comforting from my sweet Elladan, too. I'll pretend it is for me...

Author's Response: oh Elladan... yes... You are inspiring me here to include more twins later! I can write decent slash (have a little private collection) but there are such brilliant writers of elf slash out there that I don't usually because I feel it is redundant and been done beautifully before, maybe I will change my mind and include a scene of the twins in the future.
Date: Jun 16 2005
Title: Chapter 16: Ride To War Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
As I mentioned last chapter, your writing is only getting better. I admire so your ability to order so many events and thoughts into a coherent whole. What a wonderful tale you are telling. Of course, Rowannen would not have ridden all the way to Minas Tirith without incident and what you have conjured is convincing in so many ways. Her knowledge of horses and of her duty, her memory of Hama's words, the clutching of Legolas' gift. And the realization that she "rides on, leaving all but the very essence of" herself creates such an immediacy. Your descriptions have made me feel as if I were there, and more than that, feel what she feels. So bittersweet,, thinking for the moment that the hawk might have been hers and then remembering how far she had come. Your description of her use of Feannim's war horse skills and the mare obeying Rowennan's commands despite her fears was excellent. That both (Las & Rowannen's) of their thoughts turn to each other for a source of strength enmeshes their story very well. Thanks again for working so hard on this story.
Date: Jun 19 2005
Title: Chapter 17: Silver City ,Dark Night Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Once again, you have shown your eye for detail and the practical. I love your use and description of the "rain chamber." Showers! In Minas Tirith - another original idea. And your Pippin is well-drawn - chatty in his nervousness while Gandalf is the calm, amused though concerned wizard. The whole thing about hair bound and unbound is interesting. Wonder what they'll think of Arwen? She'll start a new trend for sure. Neither she nor her husband will wish to see HER hair continuously bound, I'm sure. And wait'll they get a look at all those elves! Laughs. Your description of Rohirrim sexual relationships (i.e., no prostitution) sounds a lot like the elven philosophy of love, does it not? Hmm. VERY nice summing up of the Valar - and all in one sentence, too. You are a marvel. Again, I admire the subtle weaving of your character into cannon events. And you include the freed slaves WITH the dead. If only PJ, Fran and Phillipa had consulted you, they'd see how easily they could have remained closer to the books. I liked very much the interaction between Legolas and Aragorn. They show so much love and understanding of one another with just a few words and gestures and I thank you for the small bit of Gimil/Las humor at the end. Refreshing. Now - onto battle and the reuniting of our hero and heroine, I hope...

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I really try and imagine her there with them as I write, whether it be be a book or movie scene. In fact when I have watched my dvd's to refresh my memory, Not that it needs much refreshing, I think I know the script off by heart now :) there have been odd times when I have looked at the screen and thought, where's Rowannen? (especially in Eowyn's scenes strangely, even more than Legolas's,) so deeply have I tried to include her in events. Yes, hair again as a sexual symbol in different cultures. Cant stop thinking about hair! Next chapter very close I promise, actually 2 chapters, as I always seem to write more words than my original plan. And yes back together. Thank the Valar. I swear they are NEVER spending so much time apart again at least not for a long time. It was hateful and so hard to write!
Date: Jun 19 2005
Title: Chapter 21: Healing Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Oh that he wishes to die for her - my heart just aches for him. And then his joy at her rie in conciousness - again your eye for detail shows so well - her stomach empty and his care in not giving her too much medicine. Who else but you considers even the small things like this? Another one as she asks about Feannim. "The potion is needfully strong" again, a small thing, but so well put. Poor Eomer - I can just see him pulling himself up and the hitch in his voice as he makes that admission and that Legolas "gets' what it took for him to say that. A very perceptiive Elf in so many ways. Dan and Ro are so sweet to take care of him. I very much like how in one sentence, quickly passed, you turn elf-mortal relationships upside down. The peredhil don't count for they have a choice and well, Luthien was Luthien - a one time deal there. But that he - an immortal - would wish to die with her...But then again, shades of Tuor - we still do not know whatever happened to him. Sweet Ro - "I will be with you whatever befalls." The nightmare of Lawinel's death is so well described. I feel as if I am there watching and it is very disturbing. Good way for us to understand where her mind is. What a wonderful gift he gives her - his nakedness and vunerability to hers. Easing her back into life. Thank goodness someone (you) remembers the basic functions - so people (elves, whatever) DO pee and have periods and whatnot. I realize that it would be downright wierd to dwell on it but to mention them at least in passing makes it so much more realistic. Thank you Thank you for having her tell him what really happened in her darkness and not drawing it out forever in some angsty parody of soap opera. "and does not try to assure me that it was not real." How he loves her and respects her and is honest with her! Wonderful Gimli - A friend to both and that you write the dwarf to have feelings and be thoughtful is so rare - but I think truer to his nature than most writers see of him. Again thank you for giving such life to even the minor characters. ooH - I can see him there, elfhood erect, reading Gondorian architecture - nice image (grins). ...even when soft and resting...aaah. Such a wonderful, thoughtful Elf. - seeing her tire and then taking control. How many orgasms? Geez, Rozzan, this is some Elf and some woman! I can't tell you how much I love this story and have expecially enjoyed seeing her come through this and out into the bright light again.
Date: Aug 26 2005
Summary: A PWP Pairing: Elladan/ Imrahil. Lord's chambers, Dol Amroth. Mild BDSM, Rimming, Toy. Elladan is usually the dominant partner but not this time! He has agreed to game and a reversal of roles.
Categories: Lord of the Rings Slash Characters: Elladan, Imrahil
Genres: Erotica
Warnings: BD/SM, Kink, Slash (same sex pairing)
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
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Title: Chapter 1: A Present For A Prince Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
YES! YES! Here you are, right out here. And it seems you already have a fan - how wonderful, how deserved. Encore, Encore. Eryn is a sweetie, wrote such nice things about ALIL. E.
Date: Jan 19 2006
Sparring Partners by Rozzan Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 5]
Summary: Legolas renews his relationship with Eomer through a sparring match and more intimate pursuits.
Categories: Lord of the Rings Slash Characters: Legolas
Genres: Erotica
Warnings: Slash (same sex pairing)
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 14116 Read Count: 6512
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Title: Chapter 1: One off PWP Complete Reviewer: Ennorwen Signed
Have printed to take up for my nap - and boy don't I envy your facility for writing in general and such intriguing summaries in particular. You might want to log in and edit story to reflect that it is complete. May be more likely to be read more often. Regards, E.
Date: Jan 23 2006