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Summary: Where I talk about Elvish translations of English names. I've been thinking of it for a while now, so i just had to get it out there.
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Title: Chapter 1: On to the Rant Reviewer: pippinmahboi Signed
I know what you mean. When I write rants or drabbles I think no-one will read them, but they do, which surprises me no end. Anyway I liked this as it shows more about you. Could you do me a favour? Please tell me where I can translate my name (not my pen-name, my real name) into Elvish and/or the Common Tongue? I cannot tell you my real name as it is TOP SECRET! *Looks around nervously.* Well thank you for writing this, it was very interesting to read.

Author's Response: Well, I used which I think is quite good :) Hope that works for you, as they don't have all names available, just a list. I had to use my middle name (did I say that in the rant? I wrote it a while ago). Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
Date: Dec 31 2008