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Summary: Sexual initiation and the transmitting of knowledge is an ancient elven tradition that is about to happen in Legolas life. Elrond, the wise, powerful elf of Rivendell is to be in charge of taking Legolas. But... what if the aloof, uneasy, wild prince of Mirkwood is not willing to let it happen?...

Categories: Lord of the Rings Slash Characters: Elrond, Legolas
Genres: Drama, Erotica, Romance
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Graphic Sex, Slash (same sex pairing)
Series: None
Chapters: 52 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 160451 Read Count: 106348
Published: Jan 10 2005 Updated: Nov 21 2006 [Report This]
Title: Of An Elven Tale Reviewer: HHS Signed
( addy.I would really love to continue reading this.
Date: Aug 04 2005
Title: Chapter 21: Chapter 21 Reviewer: HHS Signed
It seems that my reviews are gone.I'll still read this.
Date: Aug 04 2005
Title: Chapter 24: Chapter 24 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Holy mother!Just do it Legolas!
Date: Aug 17 2005
Title: Chapter 25: Chapter 25 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Yes he is wonderful indeed!
Date: Aug 17 2005
Title: Chapter 26: Actually, just a note Reviewer: HHS Signed
I adore AUs.
Date: Aug 20 2005
Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 26 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Damn it!Very bad timing of Haldir!
Date: Aug 27 2005
Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 27 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Bastard!But I love him!
Date: Sep 10 2005
Title: Chapter 29: Chapter 28 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Whew!Still,at least Haldir didn't go all-the-way.Slap him silly Legolas!
Date: Sep 24 2005
Title: Chapter 30: Chapter 29 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Like it?No.Loved it!Haldir's a bastard!But I love him like that!
Date: Oct 15 2005
Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 30 Reviewer: HHS Signed
You bet I liked it!I guess Haldir did regret what he did to Legolas.But then Legolas is still insecure.
Date: Nov 10 2005
Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 31 Reviewer: HHS Signed
My poor Leggy!Traumatized byt hat arrogant(but beloved)Haldir.
Date: Dec 02 2005
Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 32 Reviewer: HHS Signed
EGADS!Leave it at that why don't you.Cruel man!Oh yeah,Merry X'mas!
Date: Dec 22 2005
Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 33 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Need to ask?Of course it was worth it!
Date: Jan 12 2006
Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 34 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Poor Leggy!Wait,what about me?I want to be there!
Date: Feb 01 2006
Title: Chapter 36: Chapter 35 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Heck yeah I enjoyed it!So much so!
Date: Feb 22 2006
Title: Chapter 41: Chapter 40 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Yikes!He loves him!

Author's Response: ;o) yup, he does
Date: May 19 2006
Title: Chapter 37: Chapter 36 Reviewer: HHS Signed
No wonder Legolas acts like he does about sex.His "first" experience was horrible and he thought that sex is about cruelty and malice.
Date: Mar 11 2006
Title: Chapter 37: Chapter 36 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Date: Mar 24 2006
Title: Chapter 37: Chapter 36 Reviewer: HHS Signed
What a sad story that Legolas told Elrond.

Author's Response: Hey! Have all the 3 reviews come from you? Cool! lol... Thanks for doing so! And yeah, you\'re totally right.. in this next chapter Elrond will reflect about Legolas\' tale, and he\'ll realize this about Legolas seeing sex as something cruel and painful...
Date: Mar 27 2006
Title: Chapter 38: Chapter 37 Reviewer: HHS Signed
I LIKE IT!That was kind of emotional for me about Elrond's feelings.

Author's Response: Aww, so nice you felt that way... I\'m a completely emotional writer... ;D
Date: Mar 31 2006
Title: Chapter 39: Chapter 38 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Need to ask?mmooOrreeE!

Author's Response: :D There you go!
Date: Apr 21 2006
Title: Chapter 40: Chapter 39 Reviewer: HHS Signed
That was really cruel leaving it like that.Need more.

Author's Response: There you go. More. Hope it satisfies you a bit. :: wink wink ::
Date: May 04 2006
Title: Chapter 42: Chapter 41 Reviewer: HHS Signed
Sorry.My allergies are acting up.

Author's Response: ?
Date: Jun 08 2006
Title: Chapter 42: Chapter 41 Reviewer: HHS Signed
I meant I wasn't in the mood to leave a review because I couldn't breath through my nose.

Author's Response: Oh... i see!
Date: Jun 13 2006
Title: Chapter 43: Chapter 42 Reviewer: HHS Signed
ARGH!It was getting good too!

Author's Response: *grins* you wait and see girl, wait and see...
Date: Jun 22 2006