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Summary: Tolkien’s great great granddaughter is in Middle Earth! Her last mission was to return the fellowship to their own world, after accidentally summoning them to her world, with the help of Tolkien’s original transcripts. But now she faces more than she can handle…for she has lost the ring!
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Published: May 05 2010 Updated: Jul 03 2010 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3- Blackmail Reviewer: Aki_choc Signed
He just overstepped the boundaries! Kidnapping parents is too much! o.o

“Rise and polish sleepy head…” Still makes me laugh!

Ah good old Pippin is taking revenge! haha

It's gonna be sad to see the unfaithful day when Kim finds out about Legolas's arranged marriage...:'(

Wonderful chapter! THE NEXT ONE PLEASE! lol
Date: May 10 2010
Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4- The Hobbits' Serenade Reviewer: Aki_choc Signed
Lmao!!! Favorite chapter so far!!!! I love, especially your descriptive nature which makes me feel like I was right next to Robyn, gaping at the scenery AND the little love-talk between her and the hobbits! OH I also love how Evangeline said "that's bull" haha

Robyn truly is so easy to read!!! She's a total open book!! So I don't think it's the middle earthen creatures being psychic haha
Date: May 14 2010