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Summary: She was born last of all, both in age and power. The weakest of the Ainur she was, yet to her Eru All Father had given the greatest gift : freedom.
Here is the story of Dia, the smallest of the Maďa and companion of Annatar, whose loyalty always dwelt only to men and ultimatly Iluvatar.
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Title: Chapter 8: Of Amintë and cookies Reviewer: may_be_im_leo Signed
Not a review, but thanks for posing this story. I enjoy it so much. Looking forward for continuation :)
Date: 06/11/11
Title: Chapter 1: Ainulindalë Reviewer: may_be_im_leo Signed
Great story! I'm enjoying it so much! Writing about the Ainur so epic.

Sad that you stop this work... But I hope that you will continue on this story in future. Keep it up! :-)
Date: 31/10/09