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In case you haven't read them, please check out Gathering of the Nine, Rise of Angmar, and now! Crowned With Flowers. They're long, but you could probably get by with reading the chapters out of order.
Crowned With Flowers is over, and with it ends the Nazgul trilogy. Check out the sequel, Days of the King.
As you may or may not have noticed, Days of the King is not getting updated anymore. The reason is twofold: one, it's not finished and I'm not sure when I'll finish it, and two, while I'm leaving everything up here for the foreseeable future, I'm shuffling on over to Henneth Annun Story Archive. Good place. I'm getting the stories up gradually - it's Rise of Angmar for now and for a while longer - and that is where everything new will be going, including the rest of Days of the King, new poems, as well as this crazy Silmarillion chemistry thing (it's funny and sciency, what's not to love?). So, if you're interested, check it out. Same penname, same stories (with a touch of new).

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