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Reviews by Lisse
Summary: *COMPLETE*With her parents dead and her brother missing, a young Rohirrim girl sets out on a journey of a lifetime. She is on her own in the world, left to face tragedy and wrongful accusations. She must find her way or become just another statistic. It is her desire to find love and peace that pushes her on. When she meets an elf, she sees where she can find such solitude, but the path that leads her there is full of challenges.
Categories: Book-verse, Off Topic
Characters: Legolas, Original Character
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sex, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 72 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 294948 Read Count: 66799
[Report This] Published: 23/05/11 Updated: 22/06/12
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 28/06/11 Title: Chapter 5: Escape

Wow a very exciting chapter as they all are. Taldred! Yum!! You really need, or I should say, I really need you to add a Taldred chapter to your untamed series and lets see what is under that armor. I am so glad this site is back up. I would have withdrawals if there were no place for exciting real fan fic such as yours. For me all the OC’s really work. I have said it before and will again, your OC’s become so real so quickly. For me it’s the little details you add that make this so great, make all your work great. For instance, you describe the long dirty fingers that are choking her. That says so much. He is noble, but lives the life of a common thief, and or just does not like soap. Anyway, there is more to like here than just that.

Your leading lady is a smart one, and very sweet as well. One thing that struck me anew was her willingness to trust and be affectionate and grateful even though she has had a difficult life.

Tremendous job.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. All of these characters, and the ones to come, have really come to life in my mind and if the reader feels that too, then I know I'm going in the right direction. I love Taldred too, and if a certain upcoming elf character would share the spotlight, I think I could get the armor off that Rohan hotty.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 07/10/11 Title: Chapter 26: 26 The Healer's Wife

Feredir continues to be kinder, and I know how it disturbs him. The healer’s wife is a lovely character. I am really enjoying this, and will miss it when it is done.

Author's Response: Feredir is fighting it, but will give in. Limil is good for Terrwyn, a motherly figure of sorts and very wise. No wonder Curuven is so madly in love with her. They seem to set a good example for Fer and Ter, love just starting and love that has had years to mature.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 08/09/11 Title: Chapter 20: 20 Ruined Berries

I would be frustrated too. That beautiful half elvish male is just too rough on her.

As she worked, she thought about his background. He must have quite a story to tell. Half-elves were rare, even in the Forth Age when there were more elf/human couplings. Most did not have children because of the elves that were sailing into the West. Unfortunately for her, Feredir’s parents did not abide by that fact and now she was stuck with their horrid offspring as her guard.

This made me laugh. I love how you incorporate humor into a serious drama. I have never seen any one do this better than you

There are so many things to love about this, I love the moment they share after they both fell. Are your sure Fer did not plan this? The way you have described him I would never push him away ruined berries or not.

You always add such rich detail to your work. Every single chapter is like watching a movie.

Thank you for this wonderful and awesome story.

Author's Response: Yea, I don't think I would have pushed him away either. As a matter of fact, I would have grabbed onto him and not let go. The word 'awkward' comes to mind, lol. Thanks so much for the kind review, my friend.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 21/12/11 Title: Chapter 39: 39 A Spy In Ithilien

Rhavaniel lowered her knife and her skirt. She stood up straight and looked down at the captive. “Too bad he talked. I was looking forward to playing with him.” Then she raised her hand and slapped his face, leaving it burning as it reddened. “That was for thinking I would let scum like you touch me.” Rhavaniel left the room and two guards came in.

This is my fav part of the chapter. Good thing for the spy Rhav was in a good mood.

So good to see the brothers have worked things out, or at least taken a few steps closer.

Author's Response: Oh you know she had fun playing this part. I think her and Glandur make quite a team. Ithilien would probably be the safest place in Middle-earth with those two in charge.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 11/11/11 Title: Chapter 33: 33 Son of a Hero

The dynamics here explain so much. And what an interesting and strong mom Fer has. She goes against all convention, disobeys her husband and gets a job traveling all over ME. After I stopped and gave it some thought it became apparent what a spunky rebel she was. I believe that even in the rather progressive elvish culture women were still subservient to their husbands. But Fer’s mom won’t live that way. I see now where he gets his fiery self willed personality. I like him all the more knowing his roots.

Wow, the elvish father is a hard task master! But evidently this is what his son thrived on. I bet Orth was devastated when his father passed in a way even his mom could not understand. He was the image of his father and part of Orth must have gone with his father to Mandos.

I cannot blame the boy’s mom at all for what she did. The woman has a right to a child. I thought about this and my opinion is that Orth’s dad is most at fault. He neglects her and denies her the one thing that will console her. No wonder she gave in.

Another great chapter! I’ve come to expect that from you, my lovely L8!

Author's Response: Fer and Orth are so different even sharing the same mother. But you're right. Orth's mentor was his father who raised him in his own likeness. He might have done the same for Fer had he not died. I know I'll never write it, but I wonder what would have happened had he lived to meet Fer. He might have turned out completely different from the elf that we are coming to love. Thanks again for another wonderful and well thought out review. You're the best.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 18/10/11 Title: Chapter 29: 29 Found

Wow what an amazing chapter! So much to love. I adore the healer and his wife. Isn’t Limil the auntie every girl needs? I can so see why Curuven loves her. It is beautiful the way the way Terr and Limil have the heart to heart talk. So much now becomes clear about Feredir. Adolescence is difficult at times for any child, let alone one with a condition, if it can be called that, which sets them apart and cannot be hidden.

I love the way they long for each other, doubt themselves, doubt each other. Oh dear! Feredir’s dream is so subtly hot. I adore your het love scenes. Ok and also your het smut!

Feredir is so funny, waking and wondering if anyone heard him say he loved her. Typical man at this point, be he human or elf.

Author's Response: Curuven and Limil are madly in love aren't they? And Limil is just the kind of person Terrwyn needs at this point. I'm so glad Fer and Ter come across this way. They have many faults right now but that longing is always just below the surface. Ah, Feredir, what more can we say about him. He's aloof at times, considerate at others. Whether he's being stubborn or showing his vulnerability, he's always sexy. Gotta love him.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 12/07/11 Title: Chapter 8: Traveling Partners

I have not been able to keep up with my reviews lately as I would like, but I just had to step in here and say I am so very glad Duchess has confirmed what I have been telling you all along. You are a natural and an amazingly gifted artist. You delight me every single day if you send me a paragraph or I get to read another glorious chapter. I don't know when I have ever enjoyed a friendship more. You are as strong as your characters and twice as enchanting and it is such a thrill to watch you come into your own. Love you always, Candy

Author's Response: I know, I know . . . you always tell me this and I will say it proudly. You were right. You know how it is. It's difficult to see yourself and your writing the way other's do. I think everyone should have someone like you, someone to share with, bounce ideas off of, constant support. None of this would be the same without you. As I told Duchess below, you are a great help to me whether you will admit it or not. I've never had a better friend. Love you too, Moe

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 24/05/11 Title: Chapter 1: Memories

A beautiful start. Your new OC Elf is hot, and I cannot blame Terr for her adoration of his body. I have to say I have never read a better het author. Your give incredible depth to your characters and such rich histories, they become dear friends in no time at all.

Ah! You have elves down pat. First you show us this hot lover, so delicious! The second elf you introduce us to is so compassionate as he tries to give these emotionally desolate little ones some love and comfort. He seems as playful as a child himself!
I can tell I am going to love this story! Thank you for writing for us. Very enjoyable. I always wait with eager anticipation for your next post. And it is always a gem.

Hey everyone isn't our L8 a joy to read? I think she should go for publishing a novel. Don't you? And Dutchess, yes she is better than many a published author.

Author's Response: Having your support means so much, Lisse. I can never thank you enough. And yes, this is going to be one hot elf, along with a bunch of other yummy men. I am really enjoying writing this one, and I think you know why. Much more to come so strap yourself in, lol. Again, thank you for this. You're the best.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 08/03/12 Title: Chapter 53: 53 Judgment Day

The hanging scene is very realistic and described perfectly, but not over described. This is the only hanging scene I have read in fan fiction and in my opinion the reaction of the crowd is authentic. Yes these are the proud, warlike, yet moral people of Rohan. But this was indeed a day’s outing for such folks. There was nothing immoral about a murderess meeting her just reward. The good people no doubt would have added their jeers and their spittle to her that measure of justice. Every woman in that crowd feels empathy for the dead man’s mother, not Ter. You are authentic down to the binding of her skirt! I have read of the hanging of suspected witches in Salem, and it was done this way.
There is no way I can say one chapter is better than another but these chapters of seeking the slave and rushing to save Ter are packed with interest!

You are an excellent author and I know you would be successful should you attempt publication.

Author's Response: Thank you Lisse. Honestly, the mob seen was kind of difficult for me to do because I really don't feel the people of Rohan would have been so barbaric as to cheer for the death of one of their own. But I needed to do it for the story plot. Actually, the Rohirric people would probably see this as a dark day and though I still feel there are those that would stand and watch a hanging, I think they did so with heavy hearts. And yes, I agree that people in general would lash out at the accused, especially in the middle ages and who knows, maybe this is the way Rohan turns out to be 20, 50, 100 years down the line. Death seems to intrigue people. Who has not looked as they passed a car accident? So yea, they looked on and cheered.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 15/10/11 Title: Chapter 28: 28 Cooks and Books

You know I hate to mirror Duchess comments but the description of the vase and esp the desk, beautiful. I can see everything. Also, I liked the way Terr and Fer are beginning to admit their feelings for each other in a round about way, their hands touching until the tips of their fingers finally part as he leaves to do the Captain's bidding. Btw, never get tired of Captain Glandur!

Another brilliant chapter from an outstanding author! I am always impatient for what you will come up with next.

Author's Response: I think the touch of their fingertips might have been their first real genuine feelings, you know the ones outside of lust and need. And what more can we say about Captain Glandur. He is one of a kind.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 28/10/11 Title: Chapter 30: 30 The Injured Traveler

Are you sure you are not a nurse? A very accurate portrayal of an individual with such an injury, and of the healers! You even had Limil look at his pupils!

The beautifully masculine blond elf covered by only the sheet…yum, especially for elf lovers such as myself.

Another superb job of description, scene setting, and just plain great writing!

Author's Response: I've watched enough medical shows I think, lol. And of course it would be a treat to work on Orth.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 28/10/11 Title: Chapter 31: 31 A Job Well Done

Ha Ha! Horph almost getting shot by an angry father, in his naked posterior no less, I had to laugh. I like the banter between Fer and Horph. You can feel the friendship and they seem to fight well together. Horph must be a very good friend! I like him already.

That Orth, what a charmer!

Continuing to enjoy every chapter!

Author's Response: They do make a good pair. Fer & Horph are lucky to have each other.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 23/11/11 Title: Chapter 35: 35 Lessons

Orthorien’s words of advice to his brother are wise to a degree that surprised me. I had imagined him as sort of a dumb beautiful blond. He is a charming elf if ever there was one! I love all of your characters, but have a special fondness for Orth. Isn’t it just like the smooth talking wood elf to offer the lady an apple. I can see him meeting her gaze! Good stuff here.

And poor Fer. He is beset with troubles. Another flawless chapter my lovely L8!

Author's Response: Thank you my dear friend. You get Orth. He's coming around now. He's developing and (he would never admit to it, but) he's learning through Fer. But he'll aways have that little imp on his shoulder that he listens to, maybe a little too much.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 02/01/12 Title: Chapter 41: 41 The Plan

I LOVE your description of Feredir sitting in the window polishing his blade, ahem! And what's not to love about a shirtless well muscled elf in a pair of flimsey pj bottoms? Sexy!

Fer voices his conflict re elf vs human very well. I have never heard another author put it this way and you made it beautiful.

The way Feredir expresses his love for Ter, wow! Now that would be difficult to ignore, even if he were not in love.

Author's Response: The more I think about it, the more I realize that this was one of my favorite chapters to write. Fer in those pants is something I'd never get tired of seeing.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 14/01/12 Title: Chapter 43: 43 Full Circle

This is without a doubt my favorite chapter. I just love Antien and Glandur and think it is about time Glandur got up the nerve to show some public affection to that lovely spouse of his. I am so proud of Antien for ending the fight in the way he did. I thought I would choke on my coffee when poor Terrwyn said the line about serving under Glandur. I bet if Antien said anything smart Glandur would have stomped on his foot with those big black leather boots that I am sure are part of the officer's uniform.The second set of eyes may see the error in the 4th paragraph from the bottom.

Thank you for this absolutely charming story! It is a delight and so are you.

Author's Response: Yep, I found it and changed it. Thanks . . . I know you just adore Antien and Glandur. It was so much fun putting Antien in an authoritive role. He's taking this bar owner thing seriously. And really, Fer and Orth needed someone to set them straight.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 20/05/12 Title: Chapter 66: 66 Blessings of the Valar

Ter and Fer are as in love as a couple can be and Orth and Irneth…well it seems Orth has met his match!
This was a great chapter and as usual your descriptions are perfect, very adequate and not over the top!
Enjoyed reading your fic this morning. Beautiful in every way, funny and just a general delight.

Author's Response: Thanks my friend. You know how much I like Orth and his wandering eye, but Irneth will be a challenge. Thanks for your advice on this chapter. I think the change was well worth it, though I know you would rather have seen a different outcome. ;-)

Summary: How did Legolas get his name? A little ficlet written for the Teitho May challenge.
Categories: Book-verse, Off Topic
Characters: Legolas, Original Character, Thranduil
Genres: Family, General, Other
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1890 Read Count: 1087
[Report This] Published: 17/06/11 Updated: 17/06/11
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 18/06/11 Title: Chapter 1: Lover of Trees

What a delight! Beautifully writen. I can catch the scent of the forest, hear the birds and feel the sun. Thranduil is an awesome father! Very enjoyable. You are a very good author!

Author's Response: Thanks Lisse. Little details like the ones you pointed out have never been my strong suit, so it delights me when I get a review like yours. I wanted to show Thranduil as a tender and emotional man, not the hard and callous persona he usually is known for. Glad you enjoyed. :)

Summary: A collection of short poems.
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Galadriel, Haldir, Legolas, Orophin, R˙mil
Genres: Poetry
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 335 Read Count: 2925
[Report This] Published: 11/07/11 Updated: 11/07/11
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 13/07/11 Title: Chapter 1: Legolas Greenleaf, Lover of Trees

Don't you just have to adore Legolas. I enjoyed your poem. It always makes me sad to think of Legolas leaving for the undying lands. You who write him must never stop thinking of adventures for him so he will always stay with us.

Author's Response: Thanks; this was written years ago. Just wanted to share it here :)

Arcane Land by Alpha Ori Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 5]
Summary: Elladan and Melven travel to the Greenwood on the warrior exchange program, to serve with Legolas in The Company. Follow them through hardship and sacrifice, friendship and love as they journey into Arcane Land and beyond.
Categories: Lord of the Rings Slash
Characters: Elladan, Galdor, Legolas, Original Character, Radagast, Thranduil
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Graphic Sex, Slash (same sex pairing), Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 45 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 219985 Read Count: 27320
[Report This] Published: 22/09/11 Updated: 11/05/12
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 11/01/12 Title: Chapter 21: Divine Inspiration

See this proves my point... More people read than review. Great slash and only one review. I love this. of course to start out I moved to the explicit slash. Well Done!

Author's Response: Well, first of all, welcome to the story - even though you did skip straight to the saucy parts!! Hhehehe... As for reviews, absolutely. I have an abismal ratio of reads / reviews on this site, especially so since a few months back. Thank God I get reviews on other sites, otherwise I would have given up on this one. And so you can imagine that getting your review went and made it worthwhile once more - so thanks for taking the time - as an author yourself, you know how much it means. I hope you continue to read and enjoy the tale!

Summary: Another Untamed Tale. An unexpected night in Ithilien resparks two lovers ambitions. Sometimes it's good to break the rules.
Categories: Book Verse Slash
Characters: Original Character
Genres: Erotica, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sex, Slash (same sex pairing)
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 3209 Read Count: 840
[Report This] Published: 17/11/11 Updated: 17/11/11
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 02/12/11 Title: Chapter 1: The Business of Pleasure

It does not matter to me in the least that Antien and Glandur are not canon. I adore them together, and I love the beautiful erotica you have written for them. Good heavens I wish I could be in the room to hear as well as see these two. Antien is quite the forceful husband here. Well not exactly violent, but Glandur is helpless to deny him. I love watching that sable coat fall. I have to admire Antien’s resolve to stay with the plan. These two elves are beautiful and I adore them. Not only are they the most delicious eye candy, they love each other and that makes the sex even hotter. Thank you for writing for them in this way. I think of it as a priceless gift and read this often.

Love Candy

Author's Response: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know Antien and Glandur as well, if not better than I do. I would not have written this if I didn't love them so much, and I know you do too. It was fun to step outside of the box for a change and your encouragement helped me more than you know. I just don't have it within me to slash any canon characters. I already see them a certain way and I would not want to change them, but A/G holds a special place in my heart and they deserved their moment in the spotlight. Thanks for helping me accomplish my 'goal', for loving and appreciating these two, and for seeing them for all that they are.