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"End? No, the journey does not end here. Death is just another path, one we all must take. The grey curtains of this world roll back, and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it. White shores, and beyond. A far green country under a swift sunrise."

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Reviews by Lisse
Imrahil by ziggy Rated: G [Reviews - 4]
Summary: Cormallen Field. A game of chess, a forfeit. Legolas, Elladan and Imrahil
Categories: Book Verse Slash
Characters: Elladan
Genres: Romance
Warnings: AU (alternate universe)
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 2613 Read Count: 870
[Report This] Published: 01/04/12 Updated: 10/04/12
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 01/04/12 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I dearly love the elvish courtly flirting between Legolas and Imrahil. I really cannot blame Gimli for his impatience. He has a point. Legolas is a terrible tease and with that beautiful blond hair glowing gold in the sun, and his other attributes shall we say, who would not want him?
Now Elladan and Imrahil are a lovely match. I like that Elladan seems to have fallen hard for the swan prince. I would like to see more of their relationship you can be sure of that! Thank you for all the trouble you went to posting this. It is perfect!
Anytime you post it is a treat! Beautiful Zig!
Love Candy/Lisse (one and the same)

The Unwanted Healing by Alaeryel Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 3]
Summary: A young woman finds herself running from 2 years of captivity and horrors unimaginable then orcs near the Golden Wood. She is being watched by its Guardians. As she recovers from injuries both visible and invisible, she is forced to face her past and look to the future as she learsn who and what she is truly is.
Categories: Crossovers
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Celeborn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Galadriel, Gimli, Haldir, Legolas, Orophin, Rúmil, Yavanna
Genres: Angst, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Tragedy
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Graphic Sex, Rape, Torture, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 9 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 15210 Read Count: 2491
[Report This] Published: 22/06/12 Updated: 22/08/12
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 22/06/12 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter1

Exciting story! Hope she makes it and finds a good safe place with the elves.

The Last Wood Elf by L8Bleumr Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 60]
Summary: *COMPLETE* When Mirkwood is destroyed, there is only one survivor, an elfling named Legolas. He is the last of his kind, the last wood elf. Eventually he is brought to Rohan where King Théoden takes him into his home and raises him along with his son, Théodred and his nephew Eomer. The boys develop a strong bond and swear their loyalty to one another. Although Legolas is brought up in a world of men, he longs to someday return to his home and, along with his adopted brothers, cleanse it of the evil malice that dwells there and rebuild the elven city, even if he is the last. *Warning* Not your typical Legolas story. Legolas’ history is strictly AU while the rest loosely follows book/movie verse (mind you I said loosely.)
Categories: Book-verse, Movie-verse
Characters: Eomer, Eowyn, Gríma, Haldir, Legolas, Original Character, Théoden, Théodred
Genres: Action/Adventure, Friendship, Tragedy
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Character Death, Graphic Sex, Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 45 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 269126 Read Count: 15289
[Report This] Published: 26/06/12 Updated: 08/04/14
Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 26/06/12 Title: Chapter 1: The Burning Of Mirkwood

The opening scene with Thranduil standing against the army of orcs…thrilling, but so sad he was swallowed up by the orc tide.

When Elhadron looked out over Mirkwood, seeing the spiraling flames and smelling all the foulness of death, what a moment. Not all excellent writing has to do with making us feel good. There was nothing that made me feel good here except that Legolas and his guardian escaped to survive. Still I enjoyed it immensely.

You no doubt have another rollercoaster ride of a story for us, told with your unique skill.

Looking forward to each word as you send them my way.

Author's Response: I really do owe it to you that this story was born to begin with. When you said 'what if . . .", that's all it took and here we go again. Thanks again for all you do and for riding with me in the front car of that coaster. It's always more fun with you.

Reviewer: Lisse Signed
Date: 05/07/12 Title: Chapter 2: Woodsmen of the North

Excellent chapter. I can see little Legolas drawn to that frog. I love him calling the creature “Mr. Frog”. Those are the small things some of us don’t think of that makes your writing so interesting and authentic.

The fight with the warg was exciting. Elhadron is no sissy is he? It takes a strong elf to survive in the wilderness without proper weapons, no gear, and a small child to care for.

The interaction between the woodsman and Elhadron was so well done. I could see every movement and feel Elhadron’s passionate resentment of Noldor apathy, which cost the wood elves their lives and the loss of Thranduil.

Author's Response: Little Legolas is fun to write for, though right now it's sad what's happening to him. Elhadron, as you know, is loyal to Thranduil even after the King's death. He really was the best elf that Legolas could have been left with. As long as he's breathing, he'll protect Legolas.