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Summary: Haldir has spent a lifetime protecting his home and his heart. With the birth of one of the last Peredhil also came his oath to watch over and protect her. The wall he has built to protect his soul is being threatened. Change does not come so easily to the Lorien Elf as he tries to deny the fact that love is stronger than arrogance.
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Genres: Angst, Friendship, Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sex, Violence
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Title: Chapter 25: 25 Mixed Signals Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Oh geeze! Of all the situations for Haldir to walk into and overhear! I do feel sorry for him...he must feel devastated thinking Caladwen no longer loves him...this will not be good for his already delicate trust in love. Hurry, Caladwen! Hurry to Lothlorien and find that misunderstanding Marchwarden and set him straight!

Author's Response: She will go but she may not like what she finds. Haldir's arrogance makes a return. Some juicy stuff is on its way in the next few chapters. By the way, thank you for always reviewing my story. You are very faithful. I noticed you have no stories listed. Ever think of writing one or are you mainly the reading type? Anyways, you are very kind to me and encouraging also. Much appreciated LisaG.
Date: Aug 12 2010
Title: Chapter 27: 27 Everything Happens For A Reason Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Oy...I can only imagine what Legolas will want to say to Haldir when he sees him! Maybe a hitting our Marchwarden over the head with a stick would help get through that thick head of his...Caladwen sure has her work cut out for her! Though I'm surprised she gave up on Haldir so easily...she knows how broken he is...I would have thought she'd try harder to break through and be the teacher she is, teaching him how to love.

Author's Response: Caladwen is at her wits end with Haldir's arrogance and denial. You could be the best teacher in the world but you can't teach someone who isn't willing to learn. I think that's why I had her walk away. And it sets things up for what is to come. Thanks for reading and following along.
Date: Aug 15 2010
Title: Chapter 28: 28 Final Farewell Reviewer: LisaG Signed
*sniff!* That chapter should have had a tissue alert. :~( It's so sad that Faramir is gone and much too early in his life. I'm surprised Aragorn didn't try to make it there to speak with his friend, too. Perhaps, he just couldn't make it in time. I'm glad Legolas can sense Haldir's true feelings for Caladwen...maybe now he knows it's just the Marchwarden's fears that are holding him back and he truly means his daughter no harm or pain. I hope his vision of Haldir and Caladwen comes true...though I think it will take a while to actually happen.

Author's Response: I'll make sure to rate future chapters T for tearjerker. lol You know, I didn't think to include other characters into the farewell scene. This story is becoming long enough as it is. I'm sure Aragorn made his peace with Faramir at an earlier stage. Have comfort knowing that all of them would have been at the funeral though. Legolas seems to be coming around but he will always be on guard. As long as Haldir behaves himself it won't be a problem. I can't say anything more. You'll just have to stay tuned and see.
Date: Aug 16 2010
Title: Chapter 30: 30 More Wine Please Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Nooooooooooooooo! Boy, I hope Haldir gets his brain working again and doesn't start anything with will be one royal mess if he does and Caladwen finds out, though I'm really beginning to wonder if those two will every get together in this century!

Author's Response: It seems like it will never happen, I know. But I didn't want Haldir to just go head over heals in love without a setback. I wanted to show how broken he is and Bellethiel will bring out his naughty side.
Date: Aug 17 2010
Title: Chapter 31: 31 Abandoning Reality Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Wow...sounds like the Galadhrim are a bunch of neanderthals...I hope all that bow notching stuff is not the norm! I'm very disappointed in least when he was with Nieriel, it was a mutual commitment and they cared for each other somewhat. This thing with Bellethiel is just mindless loveless's so sad. Haldir just keeps making himself more and more of a mess emotionally this way. :(

Author's Response: Hope you're not too disappointed. Sometimes we hit rock bottom before we realize what a putz we've been. This is his rock bottom.
Date: Aug 18 2010
Title: Chapter 33: 33 Rumors Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Haldir and Caladwen are their own worst enemies! Will they ever really unwind all the misunderstandings and bad decisions to realize their true feelings, so they can be together?

Author's Response: Hey LisaG. I was afraid I might have lost you on that one chapter. Glad to see you are still with us. Hang in there girl. My twisted mind is not done torturing these two just yet. You know what they say, things gotta get worse before they get better. But I promise the end reward will be sweet.
Date: Aug 20 2010
Title: Chapter 34: 34 Undesirable Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Wow...Bandorion scares me! If he's still bothering Caladwen when Haldir gets to Minas Tirith, there won't be much left of the Gondorian to bury!

Author's Response: Isn't it romantic? lol
Date: Aug 22 2010
Title: Chapter 35: 35 Missing Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Oh dear! What a nasty turn of events! Find her Haldir!!!

Author's Response: Finally got that big brain of his working.
Date: Aug 22 2010
Title: Chapter 35: 35 Missing Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Rereading that last paragraph..."I will find her or die trying." Is that a foreboding of the future? Eek! Maybe Caladwen will have to save Haldir in return!

Author's Response: My lips are sealed, but I like your way of thinking.
Date: Aug 24 2010
Title: Chapter 37: 37 The Secret Room Reviewer: LisaG Signed
YAY HALDIR!!! I'm impressed that he let himself open up so much to communicate with Caladwen to help save her. He's made great progress in the feelings department. :) Poor Caladwen...what a horrible time she's had! Luckily, Bandorion was stopped in time, but he still damaged her dreadfully. :( She's going to need the support of family, friends and most importantly, her Guardian!

Author's Response: Have you been peeking over my shoulder as I write? Cal is definitely going to need a good support group and they will all be there to help.
Date: Aug 24 2010
Title: Chapter 39: 39 Destroying Haldir Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Erm...someone had better post a new chapter where Haldir is saved! If not, I cannot be held responsible for my actions! ;)

Author's Response: Wait! Please! Just give me a chance to explain. *author on her knees with folded hands and puppy dog eyes* ; - )
Date: Aug 26 2010
Title: Chapter 40: 40 Walking in Dreams Reviewer: LisaG Signed
*big sigh* That was great! Not only did Haldir live, but he completely opened himself to Caladwen. I loved that she looked in Galadriel's mirror to see how devoted her has been to her. And she chose immortality!!! YAY! It was the only right thing to do if she and Haldir are pledging themselves to one another. Now they just have to work on Legolas!

Author's Response: Thanks LisaG. At first, I wasn't sure about the whole mirror thing. I had her seeing something like the future but it wasn't working for me. When I changed it, I hoped to bring back all of the old feelings that were present but not seen. Glad you liked it.
Date: Aug 27 2010
Title: Chapter 41: 41 Skipping Stones Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Loved it! Loved the passion and caring and sweetness between Haldir and Caladwen...that elleth has a strong will to be able to resist Haldir's advances!

I was chuckling over Haldir's reaction to "the Dwarf" being their travel companion...this could be hilarious!

Author's Response: I'm glad the emotions came across for you. I like to think that Hal and Cal will let nothing stand in the way of their feelings for one another now. Gimli is quite a character isn't he. It's probably a good thing Haldir has lightened up a bit now or he may not have taken the news as well.
Date: Aug 28 2010
Title: Chapter 1: 1 Haldir's Resistance Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Legolas is being far too closed minded...doesn't Haldir almost dieing to save Caladwen mean anything? Better that the 2 lovers are away from his negativity.

Author's Response: He is being quite stubborn on the issue, but he's an overprotective dad. My mom was very much like that with me as I was growing up. Maybe that's where I get the idea from. That being said, I have to keep some kind of last accomplishment in the story. It also let's our lovebirds get away from everything and discover each other better, except for Gimli that is. But he has his purpose too.
Date: Aug 29 2010
Title: Chapter 43: 43 Let Sleeping Dwarves Lie Reviewer: LisaG Signed
.......and then what happens??? ;)

Author's Response: Hehehehehehehehe. You'll see my pretty. heheheh
Date: Aug 30 2010
Title: Chapter 44: 44 From This Day On Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Whew! Steamy! How could they talk coherently through that?! ;)

Author's Response: Uh... out of body experience? LOL
Date: Sep 03 2010
Title: Chapter 47: 47 Privacy Policy Reviewer: LisaG Signed

Author's Response: Thanx!! ; - )
Date: Sep 03 2010
Title: Chapter 50: 50 Stars In Their Eyes Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Awww! A baby Haldir, perhaps? Now THAT would be funny! I was wondering if Haldir was going to start getting antsy not really having any duties to perform...luckily he could help out, but I still think he probably needs to keep busy as Lothlorien's Marchwarden.

Author's Response: I imagine he will still be needed from time to time. But he has been a warden for thousands of years. This will be a new challenge for him.
Date: Sep 07 2010
Title: Chapter 51: 51 Careful What You Wish For Reviewer: LisaG Signed
Twins! Oh boy...and girl...this should be very interesting!

Author's Response: I could probably go on with new adventures in parenthood for our most stubborn Marchwarden, but this story is very long as it is. It is time to put this tale to bed and let your imagination take over. The next will be the final chapter, a summary to tie everything up. Besides, I already have a new story to start posting. I do hope you will check it out. You are one of my most loyal reviewers and for that I am very thankful. Moe
Date: Sep 07 2010