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Hi! My name is Kaisaan (Kye-san). What? Ya didn't really think I'd give you my actual name did you? Yeaaaah right. Not in this day and age! LOL

Ok, well, I'm female, almost 19 and white. I'm a Born Again Christian, which means that I believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God, took human form, died on the cross for my sins and rose again three days later ~ I have accepted him into my heart and I am saved. I may not be the best Christian out there, but I do my best.

I have a large family - eleven people including me. Four brothers, four sisters and both my parents ~ who are not divorced. Our animals consist of two cats, both male. I like reading (fiction is good), music (Christian and taste varies), laughing about random things, talking to my friends, writing, movies (usually action/drama), art and animals (most anyway, but not monkeys. My two absolute favorites are the dragon and wolf.

I am, as of now, writing a Lord of the Rings series called "Dragons of Arda". It has three stories in it thus far. The first is complete, the second and third are ongoing and being written at the same time. The fourth and fifth are yet to come.

Oh, and important information for everyone: I do NOT write on Sundays.

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Reviews by Kaisaan Greenleaf
Summary: From time to time we feel the need to say what's on our mind. This is my bit of advice.
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[Report This] Published: 30/06/10 Updated: 30/06/10
Reviewer: Kaisaan Greenleaf Signed
Date: 28/10/10 Title: Chapter 1: A Bit Of Advice

Hiya L8Bleumr!

Just had to review this chapter..thingy and tell you I agree with you %100! I love getting reviews and I try to leave reviews to any story I really like.

I know how valuable they are and how much they mean to people.

Honestly, I would read and review your stories, but I don't read anything with graphic sex. I am not saying your stories are bad for being rated R or having graphic sex or anything like that, just that I don't read it. I is sorry. I really wish I could read your stuff and review like you do for me.

That's kinda why I wanted to review this - just to let you know that I really do appreciate your reviews to my story!

~ Kaisaan

Author's Response: No prob. I read your bio and knew these stories would not be for you. When I saw how much you have written and a big 0 in the reviews section, I was kind of surprised. I read all kinds of stories and yours is among some of the most interesting, meaning it's held my interest and I can hardly wait to read the next chapter. Like you said, I too try to review most of the stories I read. I think it is important even if some say it doesn't matter. It's just nice to know someone out there appreciates all your hard work. Thanks for the review. ***Moe***

Apocrypha by Ria Rated: PG [Reviews - 8]
Summary: Legolas of Gondolin is apocryphal, nowhere to be found in the works published during Professor Tolkien’s life. But who might he have been?

**Revised Throughout** Some names are changing, to be more in line with The Book of Lost Tales 2.
Categories: Book-verse
Characters: Balrog, Earendil, Ecthelion, Gimli, Glorfindel, Idril, Legolas, Original Character, Other Canon Character, Tuor
Genres: Drama
Warnings: AU (alternate universe)
Challenges: Back to the Future
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Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
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[Report This] Published: 03/09/10 Updated: 08/10/10
Reviewer: Kaisaan Greenleaf Signed
Date: 11/10/10 Title: Chapter 1: Storm over Tol Morwen

I really like your story thus far. The detailed and yet subtle way you introduce things is refreshing!

I can't wait for Legolas to realize where he is....Surprise! LOL

~ Kaisaan

Author's Response: Thanks. Double surprise for him, since he's presumably never read one of the stories where someone is swept back in time.