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Summary: From time to time we feel the need to say what's on our mind. This is my bit of advice.
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Title: Chapter 1: A Bit Of Advice Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
I completely agree with this. There are authors out there who write fanfiction, post it, leave it for five months, get no reviews, then feel like the story stinks and they delete their work. I try to review everything I read, even if it is something as simple as, "I love your story." It all helps and is appreciated. This post should be on the front page of the site for everyone to see!

Author's Response: So glad you agree. If I read it, I try to review it. It's only fair, especially being on both ends of it. We know how it feels to recieve them and that's what makes it just as fun to give them.
Date: Feb 21 2011
Taming The Wild by L8Bleumr Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 156]
Summary: *COMPLETE* She was born with only one purpose, to fight. But when Legolas tries to harness her, she finds it difficult to submit for the sake of their love. She must stay true to her namesake. Rated for explicite adult (het) situations.
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Title: Chapter 34: The Ambassador Returns Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
I love that Rhav and Legolas are able to communicate this way now. It's romantic. :) I want to turn this story into a movie! It's heart warming to see Pippin again. Oh, how I've missed him!

Author's Response: I think it's a sign of things to come for Rhav and Leggi. Their faith in each other is strong enough that they feel one another during desperate times. Glad you like Pippin. It just a small part really, but just where he needs to be at the right time.
Date: Feb 21 2011
Title: Chapter 25: Mysterious Travelers Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
I love love love this story. The ups and downs of her heart, the conflict between her heart and her mind, the pushes and pulls of her life are fantastic. I'm trying my best to patiently wait for more. It's proving to be very difficult!

Author's Response: Nice to meet you Eldarwin. I'm happy you are enjoying this story. Yes, Rhav is a tough one and so is her life. She is definitely the hardest character I've written so far and at times she even wears me out. But don't worry. There is always more on the way. So thanks for trying to be patient. ; - )
Date: Jan 16 2011
Title: Chapter 26: The Healing Pool Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
Oh no! Legolas, no! The fist thing I thought when he started to fall victim to that dirty little elf's sexual advances was that the ring had something to do with it. I'm glad you and I had similar thoughts!

Author's Response: Well, you gotta think that the elves are more perceptable to things like that, unseen evil. Of course I don't think Legolas would have gone looking for someone to take revenge out on, but the temptation presented itself. That mixed with his anger was not the greatest situation. O.K. well, maybe it was for just a few minutes. lol Hey thanks again for another review.
Date: Jan 18 2011
Title: Chapter 27: The Practice Field Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
Oh no! My heart broke as well. I feel bad for everyone in this story! Poor Rhav can't make up her mind and when she thinks she has it set, someone screws it up. Legolas is so innocent yet he made a big mistake or two. Haldir loves her but can't and wont admit it. Rhav's poor father is probably going crazy right now, worried sick about her. Oh gosh.. Can't wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: It is quite a jumbled mess right now. But I have a tendency to take you on a rollercoaster ride. Just keep your arms and legs safely tucked in place and enjoy the ride. Eventually we'll get this all straightened out. I love our enthusiasm. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review.
Date: Jan 24 2011
Title: Chapter 28: Moving On In Lothlorien Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
I cried when Legolas left as he did. I'm heartbroken over what happened! It is rather warming to see her with old friends. I've missed Antien! :) Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, it's sad that their situation has come to this, but they both need to move on. And I have to admit that I adore Antien. He's just what Rhav needs right now.
Date: Jan 27 2011
Title: Chapter 33: Foresight Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
Oh thank goodness! He finally understands her! I pray that this brings them closer, although, I miss Haldir. :(

Author's Response: Well, all I can say is that there are a couple future chapters that will make you say 'Haldir who?' *evil grin*
Date: Feb 20 2011
Title: Chapter 31: Severed Bond Reviewer: Eldarwin Signed
I cried through this whole chapter.. It's so sad! :( Fantastic story.

Author's Response: Well, you can borrow some of my tissues. It was a hard thing to do. Glad you're still enjoying.
Date: Feb 20 2011