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Summary: *COMPLETE*With her parents dead and her brother missing, a young Rohirrim girl sets out on a journey of a lifetime. She is on her own in the world, left to face tragedy and wrongful accusations. She must find her way or become just another statistic. It is her desire to find love and peace that pushes her on. When she meets an elf, she sees where she can find such solitude, but the path that leads her there is full of challenges.
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Romance
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Title: Chapter 12: 12 Close Call Reviewer: SJD04 Signed
Nice Chapter.I don't usually review here because most stories are slash with a hideously girly Legolas.I have a small story idea for you seeing as you like to get creative.Here we go:
Legolas/Arwen or Legolas/Eowyn.With Legolas as a first age Sindar from Doriath. Or Legolas of Gondolin.We know little about him so this can be a premise.Married for political reasons just before the ring war.Thranduil leaves and Legolas becomes king with a strained marriage on the side.Make one about how they deal with it and start to like each other.Through the course of the war.Also try making a grittier,darker Legolas.Maybe like Nuada from Hellboy minus the human hating thing.Arwen would be preferable as it will not mess up the time line much.You can also make Rhavaniel instead of these two.I think it will be a challenge as few people write about an older Legolas and almost no one has got the character yet.I think I am asking too much but do try.

Author's Response: Well hello and nice to meet you. I have to admit, I've never gotten such a well thought out requet before. You sound as if you are looking for something very specific. Let me ask you this. Have you ever tried writing your own story? That is how I got started. I read every Legomance until I ran out, but no one wrote the kind of story I was looking for. So I decided to give it a try and now I'm hooked. I did give your idea some thought and I agree it would be a challenge. I like your concept and a story like this would be completely out of my comfort zone, which is a good place to be sometimes. However, I am knee deep in my current project and there are many side stories invading my brain. It would be a long time before I could even consider trying your challenge and even then I'm not sure I could make Legolas behave the way you'd want. I think you sound like someone with a passion for a good angsty story and if you can come up with a storyline like this, I think you should try to write it. Honestly, I might could write something like this, but I'm not sure I could use Legolas for this setting. We all have our favorites and we see them in a certain light. My vision of him is much different and I'm not sure I could make him as gritty and dark as you are wanting. I really appreciate your input though and I thank you for considering me to carry out your request. I would just hate to say yes to you and then not deliver. But you definitely got me thinking and that is always good for inspiration.
Date: Jul 30 2011