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Arda Dreams by jules14 Rated: G half-star [Reviews - 60]
Summary: Has anybody had any dreams about Tolkien's world that were funny, scary, or just plain bizarre? I know I sure as Morgoth have! If you have, and you want to put them in this collection, send them to me in an email or a review.
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Title: Chapter 1: Luthien with ADD Reviewer: Itarilde Elensar Signed
A little while ago I dreamed I was outside hiding in my barn from the Nazgul with a few of the Fellowship members (including all the Hobbits).
When the Wraiths attacked I (not of my own accord) ran to my tack room and grabbed Sting off one of the bridle hooks and ran back out to fight. For some odd reason the other Fellowship members backed away and I was left to fight alone, though I didn't seem the least daunted, and managed to defeat them all myself, without Sting melting like it should've.
Afterwards I came back with the Fellowship, and they gave me some high-fives and patted me on the back. Then Frodo slipped me the Ring, which, oddly enough, was NOT a ring but a tiny white, glowing cube.
We heard them coming back, apparantly NOT defeated and bunched together in the corner, me hiding the Ring.
They entered, now being led by Peter Jackson, posing as Sauron, and surronded us.
Peter took out a sword and walked up and down our row, pointing it at us and looking for the Ring. When his sword passed me it gave off a weird beep, like some sort of metal detector. And he gave an evil grin saying; "We've found it boys!"
Then, I either woke up, or have forgotten everything else.
Date: Jul 12 2011