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Summary: Twelve hundred years after the Second War for the Ring the elves still walk among men. The Valars' promises and prophesies of the Undying Lands have been proven false as Earth and Middle Earth merged into one realm.

What happened to the elves? Do they still walk among us today? Is it possible that there are other "inaccuracies" in the Tolkien Universe?
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Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Reviewer: EnchantessM Signed
You're def. keeping the momentum - another lovely chapter! :)

A few comments if I may, for you to consider incorporating for a better flowing chapter:

1- The term for lembas is waybread not wey bread.

2- The kitchen was stocked with stainless steel appliances not outfitted.

3- One is setting the plates on the table, not fixing them - I presume they were not broken? ;)

4- Last but not least - Maria eyed the food on her plate, not eyes.

Also a proposed stylistic change: Haldir is the epitamy of proper speech and diction. I simply cannot imagine him say "won't". I would use "will not". Of course - your story and your Haldir, but please reconsider? J

Once again thanks for another lovely chapter.
(my offer to beta still stands, if you wish)
Date: Sep 18 2013