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I'm completely nuts. LOTR nuts and simply nuts in general. *refrains self from writing another exposition about self*

Slash/hentai/smut = very not so comfortable me

Hence me no write, nor do I generally read it.

I'm sensitive as hell over any sexual matters, to which my friend is trying to break out of me. Mainly because she wants to get me writing Gerard Butler smut for her. ^^;; Raunchy GB smut.

Favourite characters are Aragorn, Eomer, Boromir and Faramir. Can you tell my favourite race is 'Men'? I do not know what it is about Elves, but they've never had the same appeal. I think it's because they're too pretty looking, and so is one of those, 'you can look, but cannot touch' deals.

All my stories are cross-posted to other places. I have at least 4 archives for my stories, although only one seem to have most of them...
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