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Summary: Legolas and a childhood friend are paired on a scouting mission for Elrond before The Ring heads south. Will they ever admit to their mutual desire or drive each other crazy trying to deny their attraction? Het, OFC, solo, oral, NC17
Categories: Movie-verse Characters: Legolas, Original Character
Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure
Warnings: Graphic Sex
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Chapters: 27 Table of Contents
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Published: Oct 31 2004 Updated: Jan 08 2005 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 27: The End or Another Beginning? Reviewer: Riniel Signed
Another chapter please?

Leave us hanging, why don'tcha?

Author's Response: Ah. \"Strange Allies\" is the sequel. Picks right up where this one left off. I hope you enjoy that one as well.
Date: May 22 2006