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I also have an account on under the penname Rhys if you want to read my non-LoTR stories: Potter, Star Wars, and X-Men, although most of the Star Wars stuff is very old and the X-Men stories are all unbearably old (and sucky) so please, ignore those as they are lame! ;)

I don't think there's really too much else to say. Um...I'm obsessed with elves in general, so be prepared--it will be very rare that I'll write anything that doesn't have at least one elf in it in a fairly large role.

Also, while I love elvish, I only know a few words so far. Therefore, if any of you sharper-minded elvish speakers out there notice problems in my Sindarin or Quenya (and there will be plenty!) PLEASE tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it. Thanks again!

And oh yes, thanks to the generosity of Camilla Sandman, I am the, I suppose, of Glerfindle the mini-Balrog! *Great happiness!*

I also draw a webcomic at which generally updates with far more regularity than my hopelessly delayed stories here.

And on that note, I do promise to finish all of them...eventually. I apologize for those lengthy waits between chapters!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little additions to Middle-earth. Hannon-le a namar.
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