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I love pretty much any kind of LotR story execpt the evil Mary-Sue...I have a working theory, Morgoth created the Mary-Sue to systematically destroy all of Arda. Once the strong heroes are weakened by the Sues, Morgoth will come back and control the world! (Well, you don't see many Morgoth Sues so...this theory could work you know.)
My second working theory is that Morgoth created the pretzel...anywho, if you wanna chat or get in touch, always e-mail! I love a good conversation!

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Series by AraionaDuBois
Summary: Short stories and one-shots in the world of Arda with a Monty Python twist. So far: The Orcish Inquisiton and Lembas (Spam) Coming soon: Wink, wink, nudge, nudge and Morgul wound repair man! (Bicycle repair man) and many more!
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