Penname: Alataril Serinde [Contact] Real name: Zoe
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I'm a bookworm who loves tradgedies (I even made my characters die when I was five!) - my story Last of the Eldar is an example. I love historical novels, specially ones where people DIE in abundance!

I've recently taken up fencing as a hobby (yes, the one where you wear sieves on your face and sword-fight people) and was picked for my school cross-country team as the fifteenth fastest girl in my year (my school is huge, by the way) - I never went along though!

I love my cat, Moomin. In fact he's so nice I'm writing a ficlet in which someone (can't decide who) loses their cat!

Oh, another thing - if you go onto there are some hilarious lists of LotR things and a great image-manipulated gallery!

I write a lot more than I put on here, as my ideas just... float away... I love reading other people's fics though, and will almost always leave a review.

The followig authors on here rock! Look at their work by order!:
-Aranel Narloth
-Camilla Sandman

Balain na le, calo anor na ven. Cuio vae!
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