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Greetings yet again! It has been a long few months, and I apologize immensely for not updatin ght therapy session, but even now I cannot think of another way to take it.
Currently, I am participating in the National Novel Writing Month, affectionately called NaNoWriMo. I encourage everyone to participate, as it is a wonderful activity that gives you a reason to write like crazy and not care if its a load of crap. The whole point is to have quantity (50,000 words) over quality--so you don't have the excuse of wanting the novel perfect. If you pick and fuss over every sentence, it won't get finished. I'll admit, I'm one of them, so I speak from first hand experience.
Lately I've been working on a fan-fiction...okay not lately, it was started before my Therapy story and we all know how long that's been up...But it was a tenth walker story, which I finally figured out wasn't working. So now its an original character who has a part to play in the story, but its really just a passing part, a small section of the entire story. Largly, it has nothing to do with the Fellowship, and only deals with the aftermath of the War of the Ring. Please encourage me..even subconsciously, but I've decided after NaNoWriMo I will edit it to fix any errors and fill in any major gaps, and then my OC story gets uploaded. I'm always very self-concious about how others see my writing, because it is in a sense a reflection of me, and I would hate to be rejected...which is why I believe I use this site, where I can hide behind both a pseudonym and my words. So basically, if anyone doesn't like my bad.
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