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Hi there !

I am french, 18 years old, and a Tolkien reader since i am 12. I am expecially fond of the Silmarillion and its wonderful... truly "kind" elven kings ! I also am a slash reader, as long as there actually is a plot.

I consider myself as a beginner in the matter of writing, and am currently using much time on my novel, Fighting Goddess, and on RPG. The avatar i wore is one for my character, Dia, one of the last born Maļar and possibly one of the last in power, inventress of psychanalys and a follower of Namo and Irmo (though what she does is actually not really useful in Valinor...). I might change quite often my picture, for i have much... much characters !
Too much for my own good...

I wish to try to write in english, but am currently unsure of myself to do something with at least a bit of quality. If one kind mind wishes to help a poor french newbie, he/she would get a warm welcome !

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