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Hey.I read The Hobbit for the first time when I was 11,and from then on I was in love with LOTR.I like other writers such as Piers Anthony,R.A. Salvatore and Terry Brooks.I indulge in Stephen King's horror novels and have a thing for comics such as Elfquest and Inuyasha.I enjoy writing my two books,one a fantasy,the other a horror and I hope to have them published someday.I also am an exceptional artist,and I like drawing either fantasical of Horror scenes,and sometimes Surrealist art.I am in The Art Instruction School of Minneapolis,and finishing it up in the next few months.My only other fascinations are Astronomy,History,Mythology and Psychology.But I only dabble in them.I am enamored with Roman and Greek mythology,and every creature of the fantasy world you can think of.I like to write about Vikings ,but stay away from steriotypes. Russian and Norse mythology interests me the most.My fav music is heavy metal(Droid,Metallica,Opeth,Otep,Pantera,Judas Priest,System of a Down,Nightwish,et cetera!),and I enjoy classical.(Schubert,Mozart,Wagner,Bach,the works.)
I have been learning German for a year now,using flash cards and translation sites.I'm mainly trying to keep up my heritage and would like to visit Germany someday.My fav movies:Braveheart,300,Troy,Gladiator,LOTR,The Field,Big Fish,The Labrynith,Legend and anything that has to do with killing/war. I am a Lesbian and very proud,but I will not have any erotic fiction stories up.Sorry.I am not as religious as I should be (Lutheran)I am pretty much into the whole idea of Evolution,and have written my own theories on it and hope some will agree.If there is a God I will quickly convert,but as of now,eh.Yes ,I am going to hell.
If you would like to see some of my art visit Dyubbuk at :)
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