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First - the stories I like: I'll read anything about the Hobbits, or Elves, or Men, or Dwarves, or fluff... Basically anything without graphic sex or torture. My favourite authors that I would definately recommend to other readers and/or authors are:

Kitt Otter
Shadow Maiden
Karlmir Stonewain
Dunedain ranger of the North

These should receive certificates and I admire them beyond anything. Also the favourite authors button does not work on my account *grrr* so they're my favourites!

My likes outside of fanfiction and writing: I like trampolining, singing, (I don't think I'm very good though, lol,) chatting to my friends and watching new movies that come out.

Things I don't like: People who lie, cheat or spread slander and gossip. People who are racist and/or homophobic or sexist. Gossip itself angers me, and science is one of my worst subjects at school, so I guess I hate that too. I just don't understand it...

I am not a beta reader but review a lot in my POV, as I don't really have a lot of time in my hands when it's term-time at school.

Overall, I love this site and hope that people review my stories!
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Series by meerkatalex
Summary: This is a series which anyone can add stories to regrading they are about Merry and Pippin and are cute, angsty or sad. I love Merry and Pippin because they are so damn CUTE!
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