Penname: Sil Greenleaf [Contact] Real name: Silmarien Greenleaf
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Sil Greenleaf is a young writer whose family despises all things LotR related. This makes it difficult for her to continue her passion. However, she has succeeded in learning Quenya (secretly, at night) and writing the odd story/poem. Very few of these are anywhere near ready for pubication. She is very traditional but will be open-minded when reading less traditional stories. Above all, she would love reviews for any of her work, even if you hated it!

Now for a little on Sil as a character. She is not, as many of you may presume, one of the seemingly endless wives of Legolas. She just isn't creative enough to come up with her own name, and, yes, she is aware that it is the translation of Legolas' name and not his surname. Sorry about that. She would, however, approve of a marriage to a relative of his, perhaps his less feminine son . . .
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