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I'm new to this site, but not to writing. I've got a fiery temper, but a kind heart.
I'm sarcastic, but caring as well
I'm confusing and simple.
I'm a mystery

I'm a freshmen in Highschool, and like to write long stories. My favorite character is gandalf, so you may see in my fics that my Original Character(OC) is good friends with him. My second favorite character to write about is legolas. i tend to write more slash than anything else, Which is why I favor Legolas, cause he's a yummy elf. I'm not a perfect writer, I have flaws but I try no to make stupid mistakes. Something I absolutely hate is when an author obviously only saw the MOVIE ONE TIME, and has no idea how to spell ANYTHING. (i.e. Thrandil, gimly, Hauldir) It's stupid. At least do a little research and spare us the horror of trying to read through that crap.
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Series by Midnight_Scholar
Summary: Yavanna blessed Valcon with powers and immortality. He and nine others will now set upon a perilous quest to throw the one ring into Orodruin, from whence it came. Valcon will now see love, pain, loyalty, and friendship as he embarks to save all of Arda and it's inhabitants. Legolas/OMC
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