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"Gondor Is Not For The Weak Minded."
And Faramir is my hero ^_^
I love LotR! If I didn't, I wouldn't be wasting my time with fanfiction. :)

I haven't updated in...What? over a year? (Ok. Like 5...)Something like that...But as we speak! I am writing new chapters! For real this time! And I'm editing past chapters as well, my stories are actually going to make some progress! I promise! :)

Sorry, It Happened One Night came down =(
I may attempt to make another funny story again though!
feel free to ask questions!
And keep reading "The Heirs of Gondor"
I will try to update continuously throughout the school year, once I get a computer for my own this will become much easier.


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Summary: Basically a bunch of different stories that I'm going to make off of my story "The Heirs to Gondor"
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